Why Do Dogs Go After Tampons



Dogs are known for scavenging the house to find things that do not belong to them. Whether it is a wrapper out of the trash can or an expensive shoe, it happens quite often. Through their explorations, we are learning what dogs love, and one thing that they love is the scent of humans. Dogs will chew and grab onto anything, especially if it reeks of their owner. Tampons are an easily accessible item for dogs that taste and smell good and are filled with information. Although this may seem gross, we need to understand why our dogs love our waste.

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The Root of the Behavior

Having your period is not fun, especially if your dog is eating your tampon and making your bathroom look like a crime scene. It feels odd to have to protect your period waste from your dog, but sometimes, that is just what you need to do. Tampons contain a goldmine of human information and have a strong scent that your dog loves. If there is a tampon that is available to your dog, they are going to go after it. Finding your dog chewing on your gruesome waste can be frustrating and messy, but it is how your dog will explore the world. It is a part of their canine nature to use their nose and their mouth to scavenge and understand the world. When dogs go after tampons, they are really after pheromones. Your tampon is covered in this chemical substance, and it contains information about you. Dogs have a system within their body that helps them detect pheromones called the vomeronasal organ, and they can easily smell and read pheromones like they are reading a book. It is why your dog may smell your crotch area like they are smelling another dog’s behind when you are on your period or even when you are ovulating. Even though your dog may desire to explore the smells of your tampon, they may be chewing on it for other reasons. Dogs can easily get bored if they are not occupied or if they are not receiving the attention they need. Your dog will try and chew on anything, and if it smells delicious, they will try and eat it. Your dog may also have anxiety. If this is the case, your dog will want to chew, sniff, and eat anything that smells like you. Your scent is a scent your dog absolutely adores because you are their owner. You are their pack leader, and you bring them comfort. Imagining your dog eating your tampon is pretty gross, but it is important to know why they are after your waste.

Encouraging the Behavior

You should not encourage this behavior in your pet. It can make a huge mess, and for most humans, it is just gross. No one wants their dog chewing on their period waste. Although your dog enjoys sniffing and eating your waste, it can be extremely toxic to your dog. If your dog swallows a tampon, it could become lodged in their intestines, blocking their system. This can be detrimental to your dog’s health. Not only do tampons have ingredients that are harmful to your dog, but it can upset the lining of their digestive system. This can make their body go into panic and it can be harmful. Tampons are also meant to expand and soak up moisture that comes during a menstrual cycle. If your dog swallows a tampon, it is possible that the tampon could expand within their system, becoming clogged in their body. Fluid may be missing from their body and their intestines will ache. It is smart to encourage your dog to chew on things that are healthy for them. If you feel like your dog is getting into your tampons because of a larger health concern, it is suggested to consult with your veterinarian. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

During your menstrual cycle, it is highly recommended to properly dispose of your tampons. If your dog smells one and it is available to them in the trash can or even the toilet, they will devour it. It is suggested to throw it away in a trash or flush it down the toilet where your dog has no access to it. This can limit this behavior and your dog will learn that they cannot chew on your tampons or waste. If your dog does get ahold of a tampon, there is no reason to panic. If they begin to act strangely within forty-eight hours then you should take them to the veterinarian.


Sometimes, dogs act like investigators, especially when they sense a treat nearby. Although our pets can have disgusting habits, there is always a reason for it. It is apart of their canine nature to explore the world. We must dispose of our waste properly, especially if we don’t want to clean up a bloody bathroom.