Top 10 Hybrid Breeds for Extroverts

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If you're an outgoing person that loves being the life of the party, you'll probably want a canine compadre that can match your vibes. Some pups shy away from social interaction, but plenty of doggos love nothing more than meeting new people and puppers. 

Hybrid dog breeds are ideal, as they're always unique in appearance and have tons of different traits that help them become superb social butterflies. Share the limelight with a fluffy "fur-iend" by choosing one of these top hybrid breeds for extroverts.

Golden Labrador

Golden Labradors are among the most popular crossbreeds, and for good reason. A mix between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador, these handsome hounds love being the center of attention. Plus, their high levels of intelligence mean they can learn loads of tricks to astound your friends.

American Pugabull

A cross between an American Bulldog and a Pug, these wrinkly pups are surprisingly social. Both breeds are outgoing but not overly extroverted, meaning they're comfortable being at the center of attention or sitting on the sidelines. And their adorable scrunched-up faces are sure to start a few conversations, too.

Corgi Pit

American Pitbull Terriers often get an unwarranted bad rap, and they're actually among the most extroverted breeds around. Good-natured and quickly excited by new people, they're an excellent choice for extroverts. Mix a Pitbull with an incredibly friendly Corgi, and you'll have a cute Corgi Pit that attracts lots of attention.

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Border Springer

Looking for a hyperactive hound that loves people and pooches? Then consider a Border Springer. A cross between a Border Collie and a Springer Spaniel, there are few hybrid breeds with more energy than a Border Springer. Not only will this pup chase a ball for hours on end, but they'll also make loads of new "fur-iends" doing it.


Mix a Corgi and a Jack Russell Terrier, and you get a super sociable Cojack. Corgis are known for trying to make friends with everybody they meet, while Jack Russells have high intelligence levels, making them one of the best breeds for learning new tricks. 


Part Bernese Mountain Dog, part Poodle, Bernadoodles are highly intelligent and loyal dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles can be very extroverted as long as they're trained not to be fearful of strangers. Bernese Mountain Dogs can also be stubborn, so give your pupper plenty of training.

Boston Spaniel

A designer dog breed, the Boston Spaniel mixes the Boston Terrier with the Springer Spaniel to create a clever canine with loads of energy and a clownish personality. You're sure to get a few comments about your pup's goofy behavior at your local dog park.

Beagle Pit

Beagles are fun-loving pooches with plenty of love to give, and the same goes for American Pitbull Terriers. Beagle Pits will undoubtedly make a few new friends while on walkies, and they attract plenty of attention with their entertaining personalities.

Golden Saint

Saint Bernards are large and lazy but make great companions for extroverts. They might be the most active dog, but their stature is sure to attract some attention. Mixed with an intelligent and beautiful breed like a Golden Retriever, and your pup is sure to turn a few heads when visiting the dog park. 


Dachshunds, affectionately dubbed "weiner dogs", have larger-than-life personalities and are happy to face whatever is thrown at them head-on. Plus, their elongated appearance is sure to start a few conversations. Add a Boston Terrier's unique personality to the mix, and your Bo-Dach is sure to entertain your friends.