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5 Foods You Should NOT Feed Your Dog This Thanksgiving


Oh, that face! It's hard enough to ignore your dog's sweet, hungry and downright tortured "begging face" during a regular dinner. It's especially hard on Thanksgiving, while we're filling our plates high with delicious-smelling goodies. While some of your leftovers can add much appreciated protein and vegetables to their diet, there is also danger lurking at the table. This year, before giving in and preparing a plate for your pup, consider avoiding these foods.

  1. Turkey Skin. While turkey meat is a wonderful treat for your pet, make sure to leave off the skin. Turkey skin is often fatty which is difficult for dogs to digest and can lead to more serious complications like  pancreatitis.
  2. Onions and Garlic. Any vegetables in this family (leeks, scallions, etc.) should be avoided. While they are usually ok in small amounts, ingested in larger quantities they can lead to more severe problems such as toxic anemia. Best to just say no.
  3. Cooked Bones. While your pup can chew on raw bones all day long, cooked bones present a bit of danger. Due to their soft nature, they commonly splinter and can easily lodge themselves in your pet's throat causing them to choke.
  4. Alcohol. Yes, it seems like an obvious no no but it's easy to get carried away with the holiday spirit and let your pet have a few sips here and there. Alcohol, in even the smallest amounts, can be toxic to dogs. This goes for alcohol used to bake with, such as the rum baked into a fruit cake.
  5. Nuts. A good saying to mind, "You'd need to be nuts to feed your pet nuts." Even just a few nuts can cause your dog to go into toxic shock with tremors and seizures.

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