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9 Hilarious Ways Dogs Loooooove to Destroy Your Home


Dogs can absolutely wreak havoc in our lives and in our homes in so many ways, yet we still love them to bits. Every dog owner has stories of  coming home to overturned trash bins, ripped curtains, dug up plants and shredded clothes. While we do get mad, we don’t stay mad for long. After all, who can resist those puppy dog eyes?

1.  Starring In The New Series, “Shame of Cones”

2.  Don’t Trust Him,  He’s a “Woof” In Sheep’s Clothing

3.  A Priceless Barcasso

4. Either That Wallpaper Goes, Or I Do

5. The Proof Is In The Puppy

6. “He Knows When You’ve Been Bad Or Good…” – Oh, Crap. He Does?!

7. Keeping Up With The BarkTrashians

8. When One Door Shuts, Another Door Gets Chewed Clean Off

9. They Say Good Things Come In Small Packages, But You’ll Never Know What They Are Because I’ve Eaten Them

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