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It's National Dog Day!


Get your hashtags ready and have a playdate with a pooch in need: Today is National Dog Day! If you’re thinking, “Isn’t everyday Dog Day at Wag?,” you’re right! But it can’t hurt to shower a little more praise today on lovable pups, particularly those in need of a forever home. After all, they bring so much joy to us!

National Dog Day is dedicated to repaying all the love, loyalty, and compassion dogs bestow upon us! All dogs deserve the opportunity to know what it’s like to have a loving family. And Colleen Page would agree. She founded National Dog Day to bring awareness to how much every dog has to offer. She wants to empty dog shelters by helping more dogs find their forever homes.

Which dogs deserve some extra tail wags today?

Dogs are equal opportunity best friends! They idolize and adore their humans. So, it only makes sense for us to love each and every one of them just as much they love us. From mutts and pure breeds to therapy dogs and other canines, dogs make our world a better place. 

“All a dog wants to do is love you and be loved by you,” said Page. “Dogs are amazing, courageous, sensitive and sentient beings that deserve compassion and respect. Please consider bringing what was once considered ‘unwanted love’ into your heart and home on National Dog Day!"

How can you participate in National Dog Day?

So, how exactly can you mark National Dog Day? One way is to make sure the folks at your favorite shelter know they can order Wag!’s new, smarter dog tag — the Wag! Tag. Wag! is making them available to shelters for free. Shelters can visit this link to learn more. 

Of course, there are other ways to show compassion and care to a dog that could use your friendship, including: 

  • Commit to volunteering some time at your local animal shelter.

  • If you’re planning on growing your fuzzy family, consider a rescue or shelter dog.

  • If you have your heart set on a pure breed, do your research to make sure you can meet your dog’s needs — and why not check a pure breed rescue group in your area for adoptable dogs?

  • Donate supplies to an animal shelter in need.

  • Consider fostering a shelter dog.

  • Volunteer to help a neighbor who struggles to provide their dog with walks and physical activity. Ask if you can play fetch with their dog or walk their dog from time to time — to help keep that dog where she belongs.

  • Help out with a local adoption drive.

  • Become a pet transporter. Sometimes when a shelter reaches capacity, other shelters will take in the surplus pups. But many shelters need drivers to deliver these furballs.

  • Spend extra time today with your dog. Plan a special outing. Post pictures using the hashtag #NationalDogDay to promote healthy dog-human relationships.

  • Educate your friends by posting about National Dog Day on your social media account.

Happy National Dog Day!

We believe, and we’re sure you’ll agree, that every dog should have a fur-ever home. We hope, as a result of National Dog Day, that more dogs everywhere will receive head pats, wags, and belly rubs today — and every day after.

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