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Stocking Stuffers for Dog Lovers — Including Your Dog Walker!


Christmas stockings are a favorite holiday item for dog lovers. Why? It’s the one time a year when we get to slide our hands into something that isn’t a plastic poop bag, a time when we can bend over and pick up a gift left by St. Nick and not our Saint Bernard. 

If you have a dog lover on your holiday list, show them you care with some stocking stuffers they will love to dig into.

Holiday Specials to Binge Watch with Your Dog

Here comes Santa-tizer — A must-have on any dog lovers list, hand sanitizer just makes sense and luckily, there are several companies that make good scents too. Instead of settling for the plain ol’ alcohol smelling sanitizer, you can choose more nose-worthy selections like the Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Soap that has a woody, citrus scent that is reminiscent of a walk in the woods. Other pleasantly scented hand sanitizers include Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash in Suede that pairs with lily of the valley and amber, and a variety of good-smelling selections from Bath & Body Works.

What is Santa-tizer without a sleigh? Don’t forget to hook a dog lover up with a suitable hand sanitizer holder. Whether you’re looking for a specific breed or one that gives the holder the honorable distinction of Best Dog Mom, there’s a hand sanitizer holder for it. There are silly ones with Dachshunds dressed up as hot dogs, cute ones of Boston Terriers, Pugs and Poodles, clever ones that light up and even varieties that bark. Yes, bark.

Christmas cheers — Every dog lover dreams of bellying up to the bar and quaffing a beer or two with his bestie. And with Doggie Beer Bones, they can. Sharing alcohol with your dog is a no-no, but Doggie Beer Bones are made from malted barley which their dogs can enjoy safely without the effects of alcohol. With this gift, you’ll be the toast of the pub at yappy hour!

Don’t whine, it’s Christmas — Don’t like beer? Well, don’t whine, there’s a wine for your dog lover too! GiftTree offers two wines from its Rosenblum Cellars’ Chateau La Paws series: Cote du Bone Blanc and Cote du Bone Roan. While strictly for human consumption, the wine comes with a tennis ball tug toy for your pup. (You’re going to need a bigger stocking.)

Paws off — Sweet and elegant dog-themed wine glass charms are the perfect way for your dog lover to mark their wine glasses. You’ll find a variety of different types from simple bone and dog house designs to elaborate breed-specific charms.

Nailed it! — For the posh pet lover who loves a good manicure as much as they love their dog, there are dog fingernail stickers from Etsy. They are non-breed specific, black silhouette dog shapes that will complement any color of polish or no polish at all. Bow wow!

For the coat and tail set — Your loved one’s dog will be an Instagram sensation at the holiday party with a DIY collar and tie set. Just take any clip-on tie and a shirt collar and assemble the ensemble with Velcro and a few drops of glue. Your creation is bound to go viral because everyone will want a selfie with a dog dressed so well-bred!

Let it glow! — Light-up safety dog collars are the perfect stocking stuffer and are especially useful during the dark winter months. And there are several to choose from like the Nite Ize SpotLit LED light that clips on to your dog’s collar. There’s also the GlowHERO GlowCOLLAR which can glow for up to 80 hours. Be prepared to make your dog lover’s night merry and bright!

Hair-ray for the holidays — How can you measure the love a dog parent has for their pup? By the amount of fur on their clothes. No matter what you’ve heard, all dogs shed and that means all dog lovers need a good dog hair remover. There are plenty of dog hair removers to choose from affordable and simple sticky rollers to sophisticated reusable hair removal systems that actually traps the fur in an easy-to-clean waste receptacle.

A new leash for the New Year — Slip collars are great for dog lovers – and dog walkers! It’s a leash and collar in one and can adjust to any dog’s neck size. It’s convenient, easy to use and comes in a variety of colors.

A tip for your walker — If it's a walker's stocking you're hoping to stuff, a simple cash tip might fit quite nicely. Your Wag! app allows you to offer a tip after any walk up to twice the price of the walk. With that option, you can give a special holiday gift you can be quite sure your walker is sure to appreciate.

Remember, dog lovers tend to get a bit excited when they start unstuffing a stocking. They’re sort of like dogs ripping the stuffing out of plush toys. So you may want to keep your distance and if necessary, a water-filled spray bottle close by.

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