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The Best Christmas Shopping List For Your Dog


Published: 12/15/2020
Pet parents love pampering their puppers, and there's no better time to spoil Santa's Little Helper than over the holiday season. From festive dog treats to a brand new ball, here's the best Christmas shopping list for your dog.

Christmas-themed collar

If you're looking to get Gromit in the Christmas spirit, consider picking out a Christmas collar for your holiday hound. You'll find lots of Christmas-themed collars on the market, complete with adorable bow ties and Santa Claus neckerchiefs. A Christmas-themed collar is a perfect way to get your pup ready for Christmas Day without stressing them out by dressing them in a festive costume.

Christmas-themed toys

Keep your pooch busy over the holidays with a new Christmassy toy. One of the most popular Christmas gifts for dogs, a festive-themed toy is sure to keep them occupied while you enjoy your Christmas dinner. You'll find a wide range of toys available, including chew toys in the shape of reindeer and squeaky snowmen Max will undoubtedly adore.

Festive dog treats

Everybody knows chowing down on a festive feast is one of the best parts of Christmas Day — even for your merry mutt. Festive treats are an ideal Christmas gift for your dog. Candy-cane shaped chicken sticks, pig-in-a-blanket flavored treats, and even doggy beer are just a few popular dog treats to consider for your Christmas canine.

Personalized dog bowl

A superb gift that's unique and will get plenty of use year-round is a personalized dog bowl. Many companies across the U.S. offer to print your pup's name on their brand new bowl for a bespoke Christmas present for your doggo.

Treat-dispensing puzzle toy

Trying to keep your inquisitive Golden Retriever busy while you prepare Christmas dinner? Buying your clever canine a treat-dispensing puzzle toy will provide them with plenty of stimulation. Some puzzles involve pawing open compartments, while others involve twisting off parts — all of which are sure to keep your winter woofer happy.

Sturdy chew toy

Pet parents who have a rowdy Rottweiler as their fur-baby may be tired of finding chew toys ripped apart and strewn across their home. If this sounds familiar, the "pawfect" Christmas gift for your dog might be a sturdy new chew toy. You'll find many chew toys available that are made from near-indestructible materials, perfect for your power chewing pupper. 

Cozy dog bed

Lazy Lassies who love nothing more than cuddling up over Christmas will love a cozy new dog bed. Buy your mutt a plush Christmas-themed bed, or consider a heated bed to keep Noel extra snug on a cold winter's night.

Christmas sweater

While this Christmas dog gift may not suit all holiday hounds, it's perfect if you own a shorthaired or hairless breed, like a Greyhound, that doesn't fare well on walkies during the winter. An itchless Christmas doggy jumper will keep your chilly canine warm over the frosty festive season. Just make sure your pup is happy and used to wearing clothing before dressing them up.

Dog-themed wrapping paper

You'll often find your dog pays more attention to the wrapping paper than their actual presents on Christmas morning. Pick up some festive doggy wrapping paper that your pooch can tear to shreds before enjoying the festive gifts tucked away inside.

Personalized stocking

Another great personalized present for your pupper is their own stocking. Find a shop or vendor that will stitch your dog's name onto a stocking, then fill it with Christmas treats and hang it with the rest of the family's stockings to make Christmas extra adorable this year. Just make sure you hang it high out of reach so your pup doesn't open their presents early!

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