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Dog Trends Coming Your Way in 2019


By: Diane Levitan, VMD veterinarian and member of the Wag! Advisory Board  

Trends may come and go, but when they help make a pet parent’s life easier — and dogs happier — it means their longevity is almost guaranteed. As we head into a new year, here are my predictions for what trends will be top dog in 2019 and beyond.

Wearable tech devices are in

Pet parents are already monitoring their pups’ activity while they’re away using home security systems and pet cameras, but expect to see that taken to the next level with pet activity trackers, like FitBark, that monitor activity, respiratory and heart rates. Not only can these devices help you see how much exercise your dog gets during the day, they can also help monitor overall health and wellbeing. An uptick in activity of an arthritic dog can be a sign that their medication is working and that they're experiencing a relief from pain.

Tech toys

Technology is making it even easier to keep your pets active while you’re away. While Wag! invented on-demand pet walking for this exact reason, these toys can be a good way to continue to keep pets active when they're not on a walk. The toys can be controlled remotely and allow your pets to play with you even when you aren’t there. 

For example, PlayDate is a Wi-Fi enabled, remote-controlled ball that can be accessed from anywhere the internet is available. A stabilized, high-resolution camera inside allows you to check in and play with your furry companion when you’re not around. Of course, old fashioned playtime with your pet will never go out of style. Walks, hikes, and traditional toys still remain important.

Pet insurance

Although it is not a new concept, pet insurance has now been around long enough for most pet owners to wish they had it at one point. It’s important to take out a policy before an issue arises. Once your pet is ill, it is too late to get insurance for that issue. Pet parents should compare policies and see what is best for their needs and budget, as well as read the fine print and ask a lot of questions. Pet Insurance Review is a great website to help determine the right policy.

CBD products

CBD and hemp products are now federally legal in the United States, which is great news for both people and pets. CBD specifically made for pets from a reputable company can be very helpful in the management of stress, pain, and inflammation in our dogs. 

Along with CBD oil being a more common over-the-counter treatment for dogs, I also think we’ll begin to see advances in more holistic treatments in veterinary care, such as stem cell treatments and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Stem cell treatment from an experienced vet can treat many different ailments including arthritis, joint and ligament injuries, kidney function, skin healing, and much more. Oxygen therapy reduces swelling, improves wound healing, and improves infection control. It also reduces post-operative pain and swelling, speeds up the healing process and may eliminate the need for more invasive procedures such as surgery.

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