How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

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What This Calculator Tells You

The dog exercise calculator gives you a quick snapshot of your dog's activity need and risk of weight gain, in addition to recommendations on how often to walk them, and how far.

If you've recently brought home a new pup, or if you're in the research stage to find the right breed, you should definitely know how much exercise your pup (or future pup) needs to stay happy and healthy, and whether that activity level suits your lifestyle.

Obviously there's an abundance of information from multiple sources covering most everything you need to know, but rather than have you spend hours browsing every dog site out there (there are thousands btw), we thought you might appreciate a one-click solution that gives you information on how much exercise your dog needs to not become overweight.

You're welcome :)

Just type your dog breed into the box and click "Calculate."

That's when the magic happens!

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