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...Whatever shape or size your best pal comes in, I have the knowledge and dedication to ensure their petcare is stellar. I'm a dog trainer & walker with 8+ years of expertise in handling pups of various backgrounds. I always have treats, doggy bags and fun toys, so your pup will never be bored with me! When boarding, rest assured that your home will be kept safe and privacy respected while you are away. I care for other pets, too! If you have a multi-pet household, I can accommodate as needed.

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About Dog Training in Bakersfield, CA

Training Fun Fact #1:

If your four-legged foodie is like most, they’ll probably let you know when it’s dinnertime. Training your dog to bring you their bowl gives them a fun (and tasty!) job to do. Start training this trick by rewarding your dog with praise or treats each time they touch the empty food bowl with their nose. Once they get the idea, move the bowl around to different spots, encouraging them to touch it. From there, add verbal cues, such as “bowl” and “take it”. Keep practicing, and your pooch will fetch and deliver their bowl on command before you can say “suppertime!”

Training Fun Fact #2:

You left dinner unattended on the table for just a second while you dashed into the kitchen to grab silverware. Next thing you know, your hound is on the table, gobbling up your homecooked meal! But before you punish your dog, consider this: scavenging for food is your dog’s natural instinct, even if they’re well-fed. One method for training your dog not to eat off the table is the alternative behavior method. Find a spot well away from the table, such as your dog’s crate or bed, and redirect them to that spot during dinner. If your hound pulls the puppy dog eyes and creeps up to the table, reinforce the behavior by directing them back to their spot and commanding them to “stay”. Reward them occasionally with treats and praise for staying put.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Is your canine keen to try their paw at agility? Training your dog to complete an agility course will involve a lot of time and patience, but it’ll keep your buddy physically fit and mentally stimulated. As your pup progresses in their training, you can work your way up to the broad jump. One trick for training your dog to broad jump is to tilt the obstacle at an angle. This encourages them not to step on the boards. If your dog is struggling to get the hang of it, start with 1 or 2 boards and gradually add more.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Bakersfield, CA

The cost of Bakersfield dog training options varies depending on your dog’s age and training needs. In-home Bakersfield dog training packages typically range from $400 to $750, but restrictions and additional fees may apply. Dogs exhibiting certain behaviors, like aggression and severe anxiety, may be prohibited from certain training programs or subject to extra consultation fees. Premium packages also include admission to a limited number of group classes. Some Bakersfield dog training facilities require potential clients to contact the facility directly for more information regarding hourly rates and prices for individual training sessions.

Think Tucker could benefit from doggy obedience school? You can expect to pay anywhere from $130 to $350 for group obedience and puppy training classes. Some classes are 6 weeks long, while other packages include only a couple of intensive classes covering a wide variety of commands and behaviors. These classes are typically tiered, or split into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Extra fees and classes may also be required for certifications like the Canine Good Citizen Test. Board-and-train is one of the most expensive dog training options in Bakersfield at up to $2,500 per month.

Prefer to pay as you go? New to training and just want to explore your options? Whether it’s your first time working with an in-home trainer or you’re searching for a more affordable alternative, Bakersfield dog training through the Wag! app has you and your pup covered. For a flat fee of $60 per hour-long session, you’ll enjoy the ultimate freedom to plan your dog’s training around your schedule. You’ll decide the date, time, and place of your sessions and choose your trainer from a list of dog trainers near you. Once that’s taken care of, you’re free to chat with your trainer about your dog’s training and behavior requirements. Wag! makes it easy to skip the obedience classes and resolve issues at their source — your own home!

Going Off-Leash in Bakersfield, CA

You can put your pupper’s training into practice at one of 7 dog parks in Bakersfield. But before you set out for your leash-free excursion, brush up on the rules first! Dogs must be licensed with the city and wear current rabies vaccination tags. Visitors are required to keep their dogs in sight and under voice control at all times; dogs displaying aggressive behavior must vacate the park immediately. While these rules are standard at most dog parks, they’re in place to ensure the safety of all visitors, both human and canine.

Now that you’ve reviewed the rules and regulations, it’s time to go dog wild! Kroll Dog Park is one of the city’s most popular off-leash areas. With plenty of grass to roll around and sniff in a single fenced area, Spot is sure to feel right at home here — as long as they play well with dogs of all shapes and sizes. If it’s your doggo’s first foray into the world of off-leash freedom, Centennial Dog Park is just the place. This park is smaller and quieter than Kroll, making it ideal for shy dogs or those who need a gentle introduction into socialization.

Does your digger need a little extra training before your off-leash adventure? Connect with a Bakersfield dog trainer through the Wag! app and create a custom plan to address your pooch’s leash manners and dog park etiquette.

Dog Training in Bakersfield, CA

What’s the scoop on dog training in Bakersfield? Many Bakersfield dog training professionals get their start in Kern County’s adoption shelters. Whether they’re lending a helping paw to the city’s rescue “pupulation,” or they’re working one-on-one with mutts who have found their forever homes, Bakersfield dog trainers have firsthand experience in obedience, behavior, and puppy training.

The French Bulldog steals the spotlight not just in Bakersfield, but also other cities in California. These pint-sized companions pack big personalities into their small bodies. Most photos of Frenchies show off their adorable smiles — no surprise, since these loyal dogs are happiest with their families! Frenchies are a treat to train, but look out for mischievous behaviors like excessive chewing. Is Princess gnawing and cutting their puppy teeth on everything you love? Book a session with a Bakersfield dog trainer for a little extra help training your French Bulldog puppy not to bite or chew.

The German Shorthaired Pointer, on the other paw, is also among the top dog breeds in Bakersfield. A stark contrast to the friendly Frenchie, German Shorthaired Pointers are hyperactive, talkative dogs with a strong prey drive. Begin training your German Shorthaired Pointer as early as possible to prevent undesirable behaviors like excessive barking, leash pulling, and chasing. The good news is, once this intelligent breed gets the hang of training, they’ll go on to excel at agility and other competitive canine sports. Does your GSP know every trick in the training manual? Check out some of the most popular activities for German Shorthaired Pointers.

No matter what breed your fur-child is, a refresher course now and then does every mutt good. Find a Bakersfield dog trainer near you and get ready to unleash your pal’s potential.