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About Dog Training in Modesto, CA

Training Fun Fact #1:

Crate training is fairly commonplace in the U.S., but did you know other countries consider crate training cruel? Certain parts of the world use crates exclusively for transporting animals. Opinions regarding crate training among dog trainers are mixed, but ultimately, the crate can be a useful training tool and a comfortable space for your dog when used correctly and safely. You’ll want to ensure their crate is cozy and free of hazards. Treats and one of your dog’s favorite toys — preferably a chew toy stuffed with treats — will come in handy. Need more advice? Check out our guide on how to train your dog to use a crate.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Eye drops are often used to treat canine conditions such as glaucoma, corneal ulcers, and conjunctivitis. But training your dog to take eye drops isn’t exactly a walk in the dog park. One of the recommended methods for administering eye drops to your dog is to sit behind them, with your dog either positioned on your lap or between your legs and facing away from you. Lift their chin and comfort them if they start to squirm or resist. Pull back their eyelid gently until you can see the whites of their eyes. Then, administer the eye drops to the white of the eye, holding the bottle close to prevent splashing. Make sure to reward Princess with plenty of treats and praise afterward!

Training Fun Fact #3:

Does your doggo pull the puppy dog eyes at the table when dinnertime rolls around? When training your dog not to beg at the table, you’ll need a firm, consistent approach. Feeding your dog just before you sit down at the table with your own meal can help prevent begging. But if your hound’s got an appetite that just won’t quit, try training your dog to stay or redirecting them to their bed. Teaching the correct behavior will take some time and patience, as well as the cooperation of your whole family.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Modesto, CA

Curious about the cost of private dog training in Modesto, CA? Instead of charging per individual training session, many Modesto dog training facilities offer packages with multiple sessions. These vary widely in price depending on an array of factors, including your location as well as your dog’s age and training needs. Expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $360 for 3 to 6 private training sessions. That’s not including travel and consultation fees, which could cost up to an additional $180. Select Modesto dog training facilities offer in-home behavioral consultations for $100 per hour.

If you’re weighing your options and considering group classes instead, this option is more budget-friendly at $120 to $200. Courses last between 4 to 7 weeks and cover basic obedience, puppy training, and beginner agility. Some puppy training and obedience courses in Modesto are tiered, which means you’ll need to attend all levels of the class to graduate training school.

While group classes can be an excellent way to make some new canine compadres and socialize your dog, this training option might not work for everyone. Busy pet parents whose schedules clash with class times might need a more flexible approach. Additionally, dogs with major behavioral issues may not receive the one-on-one attention they need in a group class.

Modesto dog training with Wag! puts you in control of every part of your dog’s training regimen. You pick the time, date, and place of your training session. Then, choose a trainer from a list of dog trainers near you and start discussing your dog’s training needs. Skip the one-size-fits-all class and work with a Modesto dog trainer to create bespoke obedience and behavior training lessons that work for your dog’s unique personality.

Going Off-Leash in Modesto, CA

What better place to test out Tucker’s training progress than at one of Modesto’s off-leash dog parks? Elk Park, also known as Modesto Dog Park, provides everything you need for a fun frolic, including separate fenced areas for large and small dogs, water fountains, and woodchip cover for mess-free playtime. Is your woofer working on their agility skills? Watch them strut their stuff on the provided agility equipment! This is one of Modesto’s most popular parks, so if your doggo is a little shy, visit early in the morning or late in the evening.

As long as you don’t mind taking a short drive, Oakdale Dog Park is another hip spot for hound dogs looking to make some new four-legged friends. This off-leash zone also comes complete with two separate areas for large and small breeds as well as plenty of grass to zoom around on. The dog park rules stipulate that visitors are responsible for their dogs’ behavior. If you’re visiting after a rain, watch out for puddles if you don’t want your buddy to get muddy!

Not ready to socialize at the dog park just yet? Connect with a Modesto dog trainer today to work on Lassie’s leash manners.

Dog Training in Modesto, CA

Preparing for your dog’s first in-home training session? You might want to make a list of questions to ask your trainer. Also jot down your dog’s behavioral issues, obedience needs, or any agility skills you’d like to work on. But there’s no need to wait until your session starts — why not send over your questions and comments right through the in-app messaging service as soon as you book your session? This will help your preferred trainer create a customized plan that suits your dog’s temperament before your first meeting.

Many Modesto dog trainers are pet parents themselves — which means they know how just how tricky it can be to train a puppy how to behave, or train an older dog to stop barking at everything that moves. In addition to firsthand experience with raising dogs, Modesto dog trainers often get their start at the county’s animal shelters working with abused, abandoned, or neglected dogs.

So what kinds of doggos are Modesto dog trainers teaching? The number one answer is rescues! While some states have official dog breeds, California’s official state dog is the shelter dog. The pups found in Stanislaus County’s adoption shelters come in all shapes and sizes, which means Modesto dog trainers truly have their paws full. Every rescue has their own unique personality and triggers, so every approach to training an abused dog to trust their owner will be different.

When it comes to the top dog breeds in Modesto, the French Bulldog steals the spotlight here as well as many other cities in California. Friendly, loyal, and oh-so-lovable, Frenchies are considered relatively easy to train. Left to their own devices, though, this petite pup will chew, gnaw, and slobber on everything you love! Connect with a Modesto dog training professional to nip your Frenchie’s chewing habits in the bud.

Whether it’s your first time booking a dog training session through Wag! or you’ve entrusted your fur-baby to one of Wag!’s vetted walkers, sitters, or boarders before, Modesto dog trainers have the knowledge and experience your dog needs to excel. What are you waiting for? Book your dog’s training session on the Wag! app today and discover what Modesto’s mutts are barking about!