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Laura DJacksonville, FL



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Hello, my name is Laura Duffy. I’m a mother of five grown children. Our beloved dog Irish was with us for 14 wonderful years. She was the best!!! I love all animals and especially dogs!!! I also have two funny and feisty cats named Murray and Melvin. I love being outside and walking and do this every day as part of my exercise regimen. I can’t wait to meet your furry friend!

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Stacey GJacksonville, FL



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Hi, my name is Stacey. I just moved to Jacksonville with my family almost a month ago. I lived in the Tampa Bay Area for 38 years. My first dog was a Scottish terrier named Scotty. My family has always had animals and I cannot imagine life without them. I started pet sitting to help my best friend because he worked long days. I have a little over 8 years per sitting experience with all size ranges of dogs. I enjoy pet sitting because I enjoy helping others and love that being around animals changes your day.

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Jessica SJacksonville, FL



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“Hi, I’m Jessica and I’d love to walk your dog!”

Hello, my name is Jessica and I grew up in Melbourne, Florida. I grew up with dogs in my house, large and small, and absolutely love them! Unfortunately, I don't have the space for a dog now but would love to spend time with yours. I've volunteered at animal shelters to help train the dogs and plan on working with lots of animals in my future.

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Can run with dogs, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Fast walker

About Dog Training in Jacksonville, FL

Training Fun Fact #1:

A puppy crying in the night isn’t always for attention or because they have a rumbling tummy. The most likely reason your adorable new furry addition is waking you out of slumber every night is that they need a bathroom break. That’s precisely it. Little dogs have little bladders, and the general consensus is that puppies can hold their bladders for one hour for every month of age. Don’t worry, the potty training will come with time.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Which dog breed was also once referred to as the Carriage Dog? You guessed it - the Dalmatian was famous for being a calming presence and protector of horses and coach drivers. Brave and courageous are words used to describe this handsome pooch, even today. These highly intelligent dogs have an innate need to be in charge, and this is why obedience training is so important.

Training Fun Fact #3:

The world’s biggest lapdog is the Great Dane. No doubt, you have seen many a photo of a pet-parent smiling under the weight of this friendly giant. Great Danes, when standing, can reach the height of a human without even trying. Despite their large size, they have a heart of gold and can often be timid in personality. Train your dog to be independent and see them shine!

Average Cost of Dog Training in Jacksonville, FL

Are you ready to start introducing your dog to obedience? Dog trainers in Jacksonville have got what it takes to help your pup shine. Consider the needs of your furry friend and look into the best options for them before signing up for a class.

Group classes in Jacksonville range from $125 to $160 for a 6-week course. Missed classes are not easily made up, so this is something to keep in mind. Board and train is an alternative that allows your pooch to stay onsite and have an intensive training experience. Prices will vary depending on the extent of the course, and there can be quite a range in pricing. Fees can start at $700 and go as high as $2695. Of course, you will have to compare what the board and train experience entails as far as the length of time and extras added in.

Does your dog need to brush up on obedience skills or fine-tune their leash manners? Private in-home dog training can be highly beneficial because your dog has one on one attention for the duration of the session. On average, classes range between $150 and $200 for one hour of training. Do you have a pooch with aggression issues? Help with that trait will be around $400 an hour. Dogs who lunge and bark can be trained for approximately $150 an hour.

In-home training is a snap to book when you download the Wag! app to schedule a lesson. For just $60 per one-hour session, your dog can benefit from a customized training program. Connect with the best local trainer, chat and pay in-app, and book a lesson at a time that fits your busy life. It’s that easy!

Going Off-Leash in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is big on state parks, so get your four-legger ready to go exploring by training them to walk well on the leash without pulling when you meet a dog along a trail. Before you can take your dog on an adventure, learn the regulations and rules put in place to keep all dogs safe. As is typically the norm, vaccinating your dog against rabies is a must. Microchips are required, and your pooch has to have a city license. Take care of these minor details, and get ready to see the sights!

Doggo and pet parent duos can start the day at the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail. It’s a favorite with energetic pups, but also with bikers and joggers. There is plenty of room for everyone, but dogs must remain on the leash while here.

After the trail, head to Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Beach and cool off in the waves. Dogs are required to be on-leash here, too, but the beach is well worth that minor detail. This sandy space is wide and long, so there is lots of room for swimmers and sunbathers alike. Pack a towel in the car (Fido will be sure to take a roll or two in the sand).

Remember to bring a collapsible water bowl and a large bottle of water to keep both you and your dog hydrated. Be mindful of the sand temperature as well, and head for home if there is a chance the sand is too hot for Fido’s paws.

Dog Training in Jacksonville, FL

Looking for tips on how to perfect your dog’s recall? How about teaching them to greet other dogs politely? These manners and more can be explained by dog trainers in Jacksonville. They have the experience to help you and your dog become a team in all ways. Get ready to see what your pup can do!

Florida dogs love the beach, and it’s not uncommon to see just as many canines in the water as people swimming. What types of dogs love to frolic in the sand and waves? 

The size of canine beachgoers in the state ranges from mini-pup to noble dog. The Bulldog has a place in the hearts of dog-lovers and deservedly so, with jowls no one can resist. Look for the German Shepherd, a favorite among Floridians everywhere. This intelligent dog needs consistent training and thrives on learning. Take them to obedience training and watch them graduate at the top of the class.

Make way for the Golden Retriever; they’ll be ready to compete for top spot in the class and likely won’t settle for second place! Loyal almost to a fault, the Golden wants to be wherever their human is and may not be keen on being left home alone. Give them interactive toys to keep them occupied if you can’t bring them along.

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