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Hello! I'm Lariza. I love all sorts of animals, especially dogs. I don't think there ever been a time in my life when I haven't owned a dog. They are just the best! I am very much looking forward to walking and spending time with you dog!

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About Dog Training in Honolulu, HI

Training Fun Fact #1:

The Basset Hound is known as a musical dog. Their baying is often described as dog yodeling and can get quite loud when the vocalization takes place indoors. Does your Beagle love to hear their voice? Take steps to train your talking four-legger by giving them outlets to release energy other than through howling. Provide chew-type toys that keep their mouth busy and be sure they get adequate exercise every day. If you love the sound of their howl, enroll them in a tracking course and let them bay along with classmates!

Training Fun Fact #2:

Did you know the Pug was once a dog of the nobility class? A faithful companion to Chinese nobility in ancient times, they were even watched over by palace guards. This little canine loves to trot with an air of importance and has a personality to match the attitude. Spunky and quite lovable, the Pug is always keen for a game of catch. They do snore, but that just makes them all the more adorable.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Why do dogs lick their lips? Often, it’s a sign of feeling anxious, nauseated, or even fearful. Body shaking is a natural action that is often accompanied by lip licking when a pooch is reunited with their owner after an absence. In that case, the licking action is a calming one. Teach your furry companion to lick for fun by using methods involving dog-safe peanut butter and impress your friends with your pup’s clever behavior.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Honolulu, HI

Are you ready to get your pooch in training mode? Dogs thrive on learning, and it is never too early or too late to start. If you are looking for classes for a puppy, group sessions in Honolulu cost around $150. Training for older dogs who have advanced through levels of obedience can be less expensive. In-home training for all ages and skills of dog averages around $90 per hour. If you want to meet the trainer in the park, the session is typically a little less pricey.

Some pet parents will send their pup off to a board and train course, which means that your dog is away from home for anywhere from a week to several weeks. Doggo boot camp can often work wonders, but it may be hard to be away from your pooch for so long. A lot takes place, from learning how to walk properly on a leash to advanced skills like dropping on command. In Sacramento, fees for this intensive-type training can range from $2,000 to $2.500 for ten days to 2 weeks. Don’t forget, once your dog learns the basics, it will be even easier for them to learn fun and easy tricks to show off their smarts.

Many pups do best with one on one attention when it comes to training. With a dog trainer with Wag!, your special buddy can participate in enjoyable in-home sessions for just $60 per hour. Chat in-app with a dog trainer with Wag! and book a lesson customized to the needs of your furry BFF. Decide on the day and time that suits your schedule and help your dog be their best.

Going Off-Leash in Honolulu, HI

Beautiful beaches and glorious sunshine are what Honolulu is all about. Canines in this super-sunny state love to frolic at the beaches and practice their swimming skills. Choose a different beach every day of the week and spoil your pup with attention and surfside fun. Keep your pup leashed and safe when in public areas. It’s required that your four-legger be licensed and wearing a dog tag for identification.

Which beach to visit first? A lot of the beaches in Hawaii are on-leash. As well, the waves can be challenging to swim in, even for the most seasoned dog paddler. Gentle waves can be found at Wai’alae Beach Park, and so can plenty of open skies. Bring along an umbrella for resting under the sun and as well, fresh drinking water for both you and Fido.

For a change of pace, head to an off-leash dog park. Super-energetic woofers will have a blast running over 10,000 square feet of freedom at Aala Dog Park. It may not be the biggest space for dogs in Honolulu, but this fun park has separate enclosures for doggos big and small.

The Hawaii Kai Dog Park is a grassy large enclosed park created and cared for by dog lovers in Hawaii. Do your part and clean up after your pooch every time you visit. Enjoy the shade here, and practice Fido’s social skills at this popular park.

Dog Training in Honolulu, HI

Island dog shelters are one of the first places you will see dog trainers in Honolulu. Always ready to help pups in need, trainers volunteer at adoption centers, helping the dogs there learn the skills they will need to be adopted out.

In Honolulu, pet-friendly restaurants welcome thirsty pups after a day at the beach. Which breeds of dog will you see there? The French Bulldog takes the number one spot. Being an affectionate breed that requires human interaction and activity to be their best, the Frenchie is often seen trotting about town and lounging on outdoor patios. Keep this pooch (and all dogs) in the shade on a hot Hawaiian afternoon.

The Labrador Retriever is popular in every U.S. state, and it is no different in Hawaii. Loyalty and intelligence are two traits that propel them to the second spot. Also on the list are the Pomeranian, a small but mighty pooch that will rule the house if you allow them to. They are happy dogs and have the perfect attitude for being top of the class in obedience. Persistence and practice are all it takes.

Rounding out the list of favorites are the Poodle and the Dachshund, two canines known for their love of a job to do. Agility, flyball, and triebball are activities suited for these dynamic dogs.

Chat in-app with a local dog trainer with Wag! to teach your pup the skills they need. Then, take part in any of the Honolulu dog clubs offering unique pastimes for your furry buddy.