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Rachel LBatavia, IL



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Certified fear free service dog trainer. I train service dogs for veterans with PTSD. I have been working professionally with dogs for the last 15 years. I am very comfortable working with shy, reactive or rambunctious dogs.

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Dog first aid and/or CPR, Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

Clhoe MBatavia, IL



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“I just love dogs- young, old, big and small.”

I live in the Tri-cities area and am currently available for daytime and night time walks. I have two dogs of my own but have cared for up to four at a time. My friends all call me to watch their dogs when they are not available. I live in a community with 46 dogs, all of which I know and love. I am not afraid of any breeds and can spoil or follow the strictest rules. I believe each fur baby parent knows best how they want to have their babies cared for.

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Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care

About Dog Training in Batavia, IL

Training Fun Fact #1:

A dog who begs every time you sit down for a meal is a nuisance. To train your pooch to break this annoying habit, the entire family has to be on board. No matter how cute your dog looks when begging, don’t make contact with those big brown eyes. In fact, no interaction at all while you eat. 

Training Fun Fact #2:

Looking to get yourself a Weimarrott? This cute cross between a Weimaraner and a Rottweiler is bound to keep you on your toes. With intelligence and strength to match, they will want to be at work a good part of the time. If you’re looking for a pupster to train for service work, this is the dog for you! 

Training Fun Fact #3:

Learning the weave poles skill is something every dog should be able to master, although success will come at varying speeds. The record set in the Guinness World Book of Records in 2005 was 12 poles in 1.87 seconds. Set your pup up for success with consistent training and, of course, making it fun!

Average Cost of Dog Training in Batavia, IL

Your pooch is your best friend, and that’s why you want to give them the best of everything. That includes dog training! Put your pup through the paces, and you’ll both be thrilled with the results.

Group lessons in Batavia are a ball of fun. For a 6-week course, expect to pay $175. Classes are one hour per week, and then there is practicing at home daily in preparation for the next week. Attendance at each class is essential so that your woofer doesn’t fall behind in training. 

Some pet parents prefer that a professional teach their pup the ins and outs of good doggo behavior. Happy barksters are sent off to boot camp for one on one instruction in the home of the trainer or onsite at their facility. This option works for some, but only if you can bear to be parted from your best buddy for a week to a month, or even more. Board and train expenses range around $1700 for a ten-day stay.

If you can’t imagine being apart from your furry BFF for even one night, in-home private instruction is the way to go. In Batavia, individual training averages about $80 per hour. The focus is all on your pup, and many dogs see great success when trained this way.

Do you think in-home private dog training is the solution for teaching your pooch the obedience commands to keep them safe and happy? It’s easily done when you download the Wag! app and book your dog’s first lesson. Work alongside your preferred trainer, even customizing the instruction to suit your pooch perfectly. At just $60 per one-hour session, it’s an affordable and convenient option. 

Going Off-Leash in Batavia, IL

Your four-legger has plenty of pawsome choices when it comes to parks and trails in dog-friendly Batavia! Dogs are welcome just about anywhere, and while this city does not require registration of its canine citizens, all puppers must remain on the leash when in public places. Of course, you are responsible for your dog’s actions at all times, and that is all the more reason to make sure they are well-trained.

Don’t know where to start? Choose a Batavia dog trainer on the Wag! app, and they’ll be happy to help you out. Ready to practice heeling with your pooch? The ideal place to perfect this skill is in nearby Wheaton. Just a hop, skip, and a doggo jump away, the Lincoln Marsh Natural Area is a 150-acre playground for people and pups. Dogs stay on the leash while here, though, because the space is being shared with wildlife of all kinds, too. The park is a fun place to play no matter the season. Keep it clean for everyone by cleaning up after Fido and making sure to leave no garbage behind.

Jog on over to Naperville to check out one of the top trails for dogs in the area. Springbrook Prairie Trail ticks all the boxes for fun with ponds and brooks to meander past. Bring your binoculars as birdwatching is top-notch on this shady trail. Keep Fido leashed and the birds safe and happy.

Dog Training in Batavia, IL

Batavia is a dog-loving city, and that’s easy to see. With several neighborhoods laying out the welcome mats for pupsters and their parents, it’s a first-class town when it comes to dogs. Fido will love to walk through Mooseheart to see the sights and smell the scents along Fox River. And don’t forget the Batavia Historic District, with outdoor seating on pooch-friendly patios after a long walk.

You’ll no doubt meet other woofers wagging their tails along the same paths and along the river’s edge, too. Remember, practice the socialization Fido is learning from lessons with your local dog trainer. When you meet up with Fifi, the friendly Goldendoodle, your pup will know just what to do to make a good impression.

With Batavia being such a pooch-oriented town, many breeds play in the parks alongside the Goldendoodle. In fact, both the Beagle and the American Pit Bull Terrier make their homes here. They can be overzealous in their greetings but learn quickly when trained and have the best attitude when the right instructor works with them.

Another pampered pupster in Batavia is the lively Shih Tzu. This little diva has the personality to run right along with the other dogs. Alert and playful, they can have a stubborn streak that endears them to everyone but also means that dog training is a must!

Put your pup’s best paw forward with a dog trainer in Batavia. Whether your dog is shy or already leading the pack, experienced dog trainers on the Wag! app are ready to work with your special dog.