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Sarah FGrand Rapids, MI



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“Past Veterinary Assistant, experienced handler”

Hello, I am Sarah and I can’t wait to meet your pet! Growing up, our home was full of pets as my mom was a vet tech, and I worked as a vet assistant at the local clinic for many years in addition to raising/socializing kittens and rescue pups. I love being able to take a 2-3 mile walk in the afternoons for my lunch break. I am a very experienced handler, know how to read animals well and am able to easily adjust to make your pet comfortable.

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Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

Jamie PGrand Rapids, MI



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“Very experienced walker!”

Hi, I’m Jamie. I am a college student majoring in veterinary technology. I have lots of experience and knowledge on many different breeds and temperaments of dogs. The safety and well-being of your dog is my number 1 priority.

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Socially Distanced Pet Care


Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

About Dog Training in Grand Rapids, MI

Training Fun Fact #1:

From dog-friendly bars to pizza places, Grand Rapids offers no shortage of hip spots to chow down with your Chow Chow! But if your dog doesn’t quite know how to mind their table manners, you’ll need to brush up on their training. First things first: training your dog to behave in public and training your dog not to beg at the table. As servers pass by carrying scrumptious plates of food, your pooch might just find those delectable smells too tempting to resist. One method for training your dog to behave in busy environments is keeping them on a short leash and ignoring them when they beg. Keep some treats handy to reward them for good behavior!

Training Fun Fact #2:

Did you know that search and rescue dog training in Michigan doesn’t stop come rain, snow, or sleet? Dogs and their volunteer handlers train regularly throughout the year at various locations in Michigan, from industrial facilities to remote wilderness. It can take up to 2 years for search and rescue dogs to learn how to track a scent as 5 days old for up to 2 miles. And the sweetest part is, when the trainees are successful at finding their quarry, they’re rewarded with toys and praise!

Training Fun Fact #3:

Did you know that Beagles are one of the most popular breeds in Michigan? This isn’t surprising, considering that Michigan is a hot-spot for hunting, with over 10 million acres of public hunting land. The perfect hunting companions, Beagles are renowned for their superior sniffers and expert tracking abilities. There’s no shortage of activities for Beagles to channel their instincts and put their sharp senses to the test. Set up a scent trail by adding a drop or two of essential oil to a tennis ball and hiding it for your Beagle to sniff out.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Grand Rapids, MI

The price of in-home dog training in Grand Rapids, MI varies depending on your dog’s needs. On average, private dog trainers in Grand Rapids charge $75 per hour, but additional fees may apply, including deposit, mileage, and cancellation fees. Trainers may refuse to work with dogs who have a history of aggression or charge more per session.

Considering group classes for your social Sheltie? Prices range from $100 to $225 for a 6-week course covering everything from puppy training and obedience fundamentals to reactivity and breed-specific behaviors. Agility training in Grand Rapids will set you back about $100 for a 4-week course.

Group classes might not work for every pet parent’s schedule or every breed’s needs. Plus, they’re often tiered, which means you’ll need to attend the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of the course for the full learning experience. Instead of committing to a course, why not have Grand Rapids dog training professionals with Wag! bring the obedience classes to you? 

Your preferred trainer will create a bespoke training plan for your pupper to address behavioral issues right at the source: your home. If you have questions or need advice, you can chat with your trainer using the in-app messaging service. A fully flexible and affordable option that puts you in control, each hour-long session costs just $60. You choose the time, date, place, and trainer — it’s that simple!

Going Off-Leash in Grand Rapids, MI

So you’ve booked a few sessions with a Grand Rapids dog trainer on the Wag! app, and now your dog knows the rules of the roost. What now? It’s time to put that training into practice at Grand Rapids’ off-leash dog parks! There are a few things you should know before you go. All pet parents must supervise their dogs closely, keep them under voice control at all times, and vacate the dog park at the first sign of aggression. Dogs must be licensed with the city and wear current vaccination tags.

Now that the rules are out of the way, it’s time to play! Hillcrest Dog Park is a terrific spot to begin your off-leash adventures in Grand Rapids. Complete with fresh drinking water, separate areas for large and small breeds, and complimentary tennis balls, this dog park is sure to provide a barking good time for your woofer.

Covell Dog Park is a good fit for social butterflies who play well with dogs of all shapes and sizes. (In other words, there’s no separate area for large and small breeds.) The petite park is just an acre in size, which makes it easy to keep an eye on your pal while they play. A popular spot with all the local hounds, Covell Dog Park is usually packed with pups — especially in the summer when the doggy pools come out!

Dog Training in Grand Rapids, MI

Many Grand Rapids dog training professionals on the Wag! platform get their start as pet parents, so they know just how tricky it can be to teach a stubborn mutt good manners. Other Grand Rapids dog trainers with Wag! also volunteer with local rescues and foster dogs awaiting a “furever” home. This firsthand experience gives them the knowledge and skills your doggo needs for better behavior.

As you explore the many dog-friendly attractions in Grand Rapids, you’ll find a mix of breeds both large and small strolling the streets. On the list of most popular dog breeds in Michigan, the majestic American Pit Bull Terrier comes second only to the eternally popular Labrador Retriever. Non-profit organizations in Grand Rapids are working hard to protect Pitties and reverse the stigma attached to this beautiful breed. Just like every dog, Pit Bulls need lots of love and a consistent approach to training and socialization throughout their lives. As you progress through your training, your four-legger just might like to try their paw at search and rescue training, service dog training, or weight pulling.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the oh-so-adorable Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkie’s button eyes and beautiful coat make them a shoo-in for dog shows. This little doggy diva can be a bit stubborn in terms of trainability, but with a healthy dose of positive reinforcement, they’ll be on their best behavior in no time! Once you’ve got the basics down, consider indulging your Yorkie’s intelligence with mentally stimulating canine sports like agility and rally.

Whether you’re the proud pet parent of a gentle giant or a spunky small breed, a refresher course on training never hurt any pup. Group classes might not address your dog’s specific needs or give you the one-on-one training time you need to instill good behavior. Grand Rapids dog training options through Wag! make it easy to customize every element of your dog’s training regimen. Book a dog trainer near you on the Wag! app today and see what Grand Rapids’ mutts are barking about!