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About Dog Training in Lansing, MI

Training Fun Fact #1:

Which dog breed can almost pass for a lamb? The Bedlington Terrier has a face shape very similar to that of the lamb and a coat to boot. Fluffy and fleece-like, even the coloring of this coat is like a sheep. This protective canine doesn’t shed, but they are not to be sheared like a sheep. Their fur can be trimmed with scissors and clippers every few months. Start brushing and taking care of the coat when they are young, so they sit still and accept the grooming process.

Training Fun Fact #2:

The Iditarod dogs are incredible ultramarathoners that surpass even the most well-trained human athletes in stamina and sheer will. Racing sometimes hundreds of miles in a day, these super-dogs consume as much as 12,000 calories a day. Does mushing interest you, and do you have the dog suited for this task? Train your furry four-legger to pull a dog sled by starting small, enabling them to build up strength and hone their skill. 

Training Fun Fact #3:

Who was the most decorated canine from WWII? His name was Chips, and he was a loyal sentry dog who saved the lives of soldiers on more than one occasion. Loyalty in dogs can stem from their enjoyment of being part of a pack. This camaraderie typically spans over everything they do. Obedience training is good for a dog because they thrive on working together with their human partners.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Lansing, MI

When you adopt a dog and bring them into your home, training them to be the best they can be is part of the ownership package. It’s just as important as having them regularly vaccinated and licensed. 

Are you ready to start training your new addition? Or does your faithful companion need a refresher course in doggy manners? In Lansing, a one-hour private lesson, given in your home, will cost around $150. Reactive dogs who lunge when on the leash or display behaviors that will need extended instruction will be assessed before a price is determined. In some cases, the training is given at home, while in other instances, you bring your dog to the training facility.

Group training is an option, and the cost for this type of instruction is typically between $150 and $175. Classes last between a month and six weeks. Weekly attendance is a must so that Fido does not fall behind in class. Practical homework is essential and involves training your dog while on walks and at home to perfect the skills taught each week.

Some pet parents will opt for a board and train option, which means that your doggo heads off to the trainers for a period of a week to several weeks. From leash training to basic commands to greeting other pooches with a smile, proper doggy manners are top priority. A week of away from home training can average around $1400.

Once your best furry buddy has the basics covered, don’t forget to consider fun clubs like rally, treibball, and doggo fitness. Preparing your dog to volunteer with you in hospitals and nursing homes is a noble calling that finds many canines up to the job.

Get your pooch club-ready by scheduling a session with a local dog trainer on the Wag! platform. For just $60 per one-hour session, vetted dog trainers in Lansing will bring the lessons to you on your schedule. Chat and pay-in app, and set up a session specifically suited to your dog’s talents and requirements. It’s as easy as that!

Going Off-Leash in Lansing, MI

Lansing is a nature lover’s paradise. In fact, there are wonderful spaces to explore all within a short drive, enabling you to make a day of it. Before heading out to off-leash parks in Lansing and surrounding areas, ensure that your pooch’s dog license is visible along with an up-to-date tag for the rabies vaccine.

Get your membership for Soldan Dog Park, which is neighboring on the Hawk Island County Park. It’s a doggy haven and a popular spot for big and small canines alike. This doggo park spans 15-acres of wooded trails and even includes a pond. Leashed and off-leash areas are found in the park, so be sure to pay attention to the rules of each section.

The abundance of off-leash dog trails in the state will have your four-legger dropping their leash at your feet several times a day. Choose a trail a weekend and make it a goal to trek often all year long. For your first promenade, head to Adrian and let your pooch roam the Kiwanis Trail. Although it is a hike that requires Fido to be leashed, it’s eight miles of calm woodland sure to please both you and your adventure-loving pup. Spend as long as you want here; this beautiful spot is open from sunup to sundown.

Dog Training in Lansing, MI

Lansing, Michigan, is a beautiful spot. With gorgeous green spaces, riverfront parks, and tranquil woodlands, living here is a doggo’s dream. The Labrador Retriever loves to walk the trails and is often seen in dog training classes in Lansing, too. They also excel at fun activities like rally and treibball. It’s no wonder they are the all-time favorite canine in the United States.

The American Pit Bull Terrier fills spot number two on the fave dog roster, and right behind that stocky breed is the tiny Chihuahua. On opposite ends of the weight scale, both dogs are happy to be underfoot and involved in family fun. The Pitty is strong, though, and must be trained to walk correctly on a leash. The Chihuahua may be small but can be headstrong. A big personality fits this little dog, and despite their small size, they have energy to burn.

Ready to experience an outdoor festival in Lansing? Enjoy a concert in Adado Riverfront Park. Keep your eye open for the Golden Retriever, sure to be seen strolling the boardwalk and enjoying the music. Dancing alongside is the German Shepherd, a dog of royal stature, strength, and grace.

Are you anxious to start the ball rolling? Connect with a dog trainer with Wag! and get your pup ready to show their stuff.