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KC MSt. Louis, MO



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“Full-time dog sitter with fenced yard!”

I have 10+ years professional experience caring for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, temperaments, and special needs. I also have over 1 year experience working for a doggy daycare/boarding/grooming/training facility, and I have fostered 13 dogs total. I love ALL dogs, but I have a special place in my heart for Great Danes and Westies. Let me know if you have a special request — I’m looking forward to meeting your pups!

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Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

James SSt. Louis, MO



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“Were gunna have a Pawtastic day”

I love dogs. I always had passion for dogs ever since I was a little kid. I love dogs I cannot get enough dogs Dogs are just like a little kids they just want some love and I have a A whole lot of extra love to give. I love saving dogs I always have a second leash

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Dog first aid and/or CPR, Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

Paddy LSt. Louis, MO



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I grew up walking dogs, training for obedience , and trials and eventually becoming involved in rescue and training new pet owners. I have a small farm in Silex, where we do boarding/training and doggy fun play time. My dad was a K9 trainer and he says I begged him from birth for my puppy. At 7.5 years he relented thinking it may be a passing fancy. But every day he and I trained our dogs for about 30 min a day. I learned how important training and daily multiple walks were!!

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Training Exam Complete

Socially Distanced Pet Care


Dog first aid and/or CPR, Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care

About Dog Training in St. Louis, MO

Training Fun Fact #1:

Do you know how the Poodle’s precision haircut came to be? In the early 17th century, the Poodle (the Pudel, from the German translation “water dog”) was a talented retriever, trained to enter the water and bring back downed game. Their thick fur was heavily trimmed to not weigh them down in the water. Sections of the body were left fur-covered, such as the area over the chest, to keep the organs warm. The ankles were left with tufts of curly fur around them, to prevent stiffness and arthritis after much time in the water. Thus, the Poodle trim we see today for competition and show was born.

Training Fun Fact #2:

The Basenji is the world’s only barkless dog. This energetic pooch, once highly revered in Egypt, was also a skilled hunter in the past. They don’t bark, but they do yodel and can be quite vocal. They are sleek in coat and agile in movement, and can still be prone to have the hunting urge due to the innate trait of looking for prey. Now a dog who loves to cuddle at home, they would happily be your singing alarm clock.

Training Fun Fact #3:

The visual range of a canine is more significant than that of a human. Humans have a range of 190 degrees while dogs are equipped with eyes that have a 250-degree peripheral vision field. The canine eye also has an ocular structure called the tapetum lucidum. This is like a mirror of sorts and reflects the light that enters it. This structure, along with the wide visual field, allows for a keener night vision than pet owners have. The ability to see in less than ideal circumstances is one reason why dogs make such good service dogs

Average Cost of Dog Training in St. Louis, MO

Are you game to prep your puppy for fun days ahead? Or do you have a mature dog who needs to brush up on skills? Whatever the situation, dog trainers in St. Louis are available to help. Get ready to take your best buddy out and about in this dog-friendly town. Trails, restaurants, and unique park adventures await.

One-hour group lessons in busy St. Louis will cost you about $125. Puppies can learn the ropes for $100 and then move on to class with the big boys. Acquire training for your four-legger in a daycare setting for around $350 a month. Private sessions at a training facility can be $75 each and may require a behavioral analysis before the first class.

In-home lessons may incur a travel fee and average around $125 per class. Packages are available and involve training at home. Typical fees are between $1000 and $1600, depending on what your dog needs and how long you would like them to be trained.

There are several options to consider, and sometimes that complicates things. Finding the right class, the best atmosphere, and a trainer who has the same philosophy as you takes time and effort. Working around your hectic schedule is another factor to consider. To put all of the puzzle pieces together, look to Wag! for dog training sessions that tick all the boxes.

Does your pup pull the leash when out for a walk? Do they have issues with doggy etiquette? No problem! For just $60 per one-hour lesson, you can train in the comfort of your own home. A dog training session is easily booked on the Wag! app. Chat and pay-in app to set a time and date, and look forward to training that is customized to your pooch’s needs.  

Going Off-Leash in St. Louis, MO

Being a dog-friendly city, pups are the cat’s meow just about anywhere in town. Follow the rules, though, to make outings fun and safe for everyone. Have your furry companion registered with the city and vaccinated against rabies, and you are all set. 

Other than specified off-leash dog parks in St. Louis, all dogs must be leashed when out for a walk. Looking to shop or attend a cultural event? It’s a go. Farmer’s market and a day at the park more your style? That’s possible, too. Pick up after your pet, and you can go just about anywhere with your dog in St. Louis and beyond.

Take a walk along the St. Louis Riverfront Trail to see the famous Gateway Arch. Then head to the Delmar Loop to see the Walk of Fame, featuring notable public figures formally of St. Louis. After you’ve discovered these local areas, take Fido for a drive in the car to seek adventure. Nearby Belleview has a hiking destination called Braille Trail. Although your trekking partner has to remain on a leash, that is quite alright. The park is home to several wildlife species that don’t want to be disturbed.

Drive through the Mark Twain National Forest to reach Greenville, and make a stop at Johnson Tract Trail. This destination is best for younger, sure-footed pups as the terrain can present a challenge. Bring along bug spray and stay away from this destination during hunting season.

Dog Training in St. Louis, MO

Dog trainers in St. Louis are equipped with the know-how to get your dog city street and country trail ready. Local dog trainers can provide tips and tricks like heeling with treats as an aid to getting your food-oriented pup’s full attention. They’ll instruct you on how to stand and stay if that’s on your list of goals. Name the obedience command, and a local trainer will show you the ropes.

Your pooch will thrive on the attention and be fully trained to meet and greet neighborhood doggos that come their way. Like many of the regions of the United States, Missouri’s top dog is the Labrador Retriever. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes a home here as well. This pooch enjoys the abundance of Eastern Bluebirds and American Black Ducks. This long-eared canine loves a good chase and will eagerly take on the task of fetch. They are smart doggos, ready to take on a challenge. 

The Australian Cattle Dog is sometimes spotted at the dog park and agility club. This uniquely colored dog is fit for any sport but also independent in personality, so obedience training is a must.

Is your pooch ready to perfect their recall skills and show the world how quick they are to sit when asked? Download the app to chat with a dog trainer with Wag! Today to help your dog put their best paw forward in every situation.