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I have experience with any size dog and all kinds of temperaments. I personally have five dogs ranging in weight from 12 to 70 pounds and exceedingly timid to overly outgoing personalities. I am available for walks, exercising, overnight stays, drop in feedings and play time! I also love cats! I’ll refill food and water if requested! I’m very excited to meet you and your fur babies!

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About Dog Training in Harrisburg, PA

Training Fun Fact #1:

Which all-purpose farm dog was bred with the Newfoundland Dog long, long ago? The breed was developed from near extinction and is the Burmese Mountain Dog. This capable and robust canine was used for herding, protecting the farm, and hauling milk. Today, this determined dog likes to be a part of cart pulling competitions and excels at the sport.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Are you wondering how to make your new puppy happy? Give them something to chew, and they will be as good as gold. Of course, you want the item to be dog-safe and as well, not something that encourages your pooch to chew on things they shouldn’t. Hard rubber toys with interesting textures are ideal, especially if your pupster is teething. Most little pups go through the teething phase between four and six months of age. 

Training Fun Fact #3:

Have you ever noticed your dog’s fur standing straight up? If your pooch’s coat is lifting on the body, back of the neck, or on the head, it typically indicates discomfort and even impending danger. If your dog is not comfortable in a situation or feels a need to protect, the fur can signal it all. A well-socialized dog will be relaxed and more at ease in situations, pointing to the fact that dog training is essential for all canines.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Harrisburg, PA

Dog training in Harrisburg is a popular pastime. Are you interested in getting your pup prepared for the big world? Or do you have an older dog that you would like to enroll in agility classes? Harrisburg has it all. 

Looking for a group class to join? Remember to ask your veterinarian about vaccines before attending a group gathering. Courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced training sessions may vary in price but typically run around $125 to $150 for a six-week session. Joining a dog club, which requires you to help out at events throughout the year, means a reasonably priced membership fee, and can include obedience lessons.

In-home private training is a good option; this alternative allows for your pooch to work at their own pace and to benefit from one on one attention. Many pups thrive on this type of instruction. In Harrisburg, sessions range in price depending on what you are looking for. Expect to pay in the ballpark of $150 to $250. Some lessons will span over a couple of hours, while others will be given on a one-hour basis. 

Interested in sending your dog off to canine boot camp? This type of live-in format means your dog lives away from home for a week or two, and sometimes more. Two weeks of board and train instruction can cost upward of $2000 to $3000. 

Is your four-legger ready to embark on a course? Dog trainers in Harrisburg are prepared to show your pup the ropes. Learn right alongside your dog, and gain insight on how to handle your pooch with confidence and pride. In-home lessons with a dog trainer with Wag! are affordable at just $60 per one-hour session and easily booked on the Wag! app. Chat and pay in-app to book a customized lesson, unique to your dog’s needs.

Going Off-Leash in Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg is a dog lover’s dream – and a fun place for pooches to live. Imagine days spent enjoying nature walks, lengthy trails, dog park visits, and afternoon siestas on an outdoor pet-friendly patio. To take advantage of the wonderful outings that await you and your dog, learn Harrisburg’s dog laws first.

Once you have paid the annual dog license fee and attached the ID tags to Fido’s collar, head out to any one of Harrisburg’s beautiful outdoor spaces, including off-leash trails and parks. Stroll along the Susquehanna River and feel the tranquility of the Harrisburg Riverfront Trail. This walk does require that your pooch be leashed, but all the better. It gives you an opportunity for your furry companion to strut their stuff as a well-behaved doggo

Get your pup used to traveling in the car by taking a short drive to nearby Hanover. Be ready for an adventure – you’ve reached Codorus State Park. It’s pure heaven for woofers and walkers alike, with 19 miles of trails to hike and investigate. Your pup will want to explore every inch, so be sure to pack a collapsible water dish, fresh water, and snacks.

Day-long treks will be a blast for both you and your canine BFF. Remember to start gradually and attempt the trickier trails once you have experience and stamina. Use the day as a way to practice what you’ve taught your pup so far. Outdoor adventures are ideal for perfecting leash manners.

Dog Training in Harrisburg, PA

You’ll meet plenty of pooches along the trails and in the downtown core of Harrisburg. Does your dog know the proper and polite way to meet and greet another dog? Harrisburg is a historic town with lots to see and do before heading to a dog-friendly restaurant for a bite to eat. To make the most of your day, work on your dog’s socialization skills from an early age. Then, you can take them just about anywhere.

What other breeds of well-behaved doggos will you see lounging on patios in local restaurants? Everyone loves the Golden Retriever, and the state of Pennsylvania is no different. They are loyal companions, almost to a fault. These dogs can get lonely if left on their own and are no stranger to chewing a shoe or two. When you leave home for an errand, consider bringing them along. If you cannot, supply your Golden with a chew toy or an interactive feeder to keep them busy until you return.

The German Shepherd is another popular pooch with devotion to their human. They love to train and learn and can easily lead the way in a scent competition. The Siberian Husky is an additional large dog on the list of fan favorites. This gorgeous dog is highly energetic and will love exploring historic Harrisburg with you. Train them to not pull the leash in their excitement to meet the doggos of the neighborhood.  

Smaller, but no less mighty, is the French Bulldog. They are cute and have a personality to match. Don’t let this little character rule the roost – they’ll be a happier dog with a decisive leader as their pet parent.

No matter what breed of dog you own, all pooches deserve the benefit of dog training. Connect with a dog trainer with Wag! and put your buddy on the road to success today!