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Guy DPittsburgh, PA



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I have worked for over 10 years, with my family, to walk and board dogs. In addition, we work with rescue dogs walking them on the weekends. We are very reliable and have never missed an appointment. Also, we treat these dogs as if they are own. Let us be a temporary owner to your animals while you are away.

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Dog first aid and/or CPR, Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs

Danielle OPittsburgh, PA



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“Bully Breed Lover & Behavior Savvy!”

Hi! My name is Danielle and I can’t wait to meet your pup(s)! I have been in the rescue and shelter community for several years. These experiences have afforded me the ability to work with various dog breeds, temperaments and behavior levels. Although I love all breeds I am, admittedly, drawn to bully breeds. In addition to the rescue and shelter dogs and those that I sit/walk for, I have 4 of my own that keep me busy. All dogs all day everyday! I’m anxious to meet yours!

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Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

Bisha FPittsburgh, PA



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I was a bunny owner for 8 years, have owned a cat for almost one now and have had experience with horses as well. I have always loved dogs but was unable to have them in my house. I know they are not an easy task and require care for like children. I have always been surrounded by animals and can bond with them easily. I am patient and can provide the best possible care to your animal. I can anticipate their needs very easily, as I have always been surrounded by dogs. They are kind and loyal animals that need and deserve the best attention and care. Diligence is key when taking care of animals and as a person studying premed, I am constantly taking note of details.

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About Dog Training in Pittsburgh, PA

Training Fun Fact #1:

Chances are your woofer already wakes you up in the mornings, whether they’re hungry, need to potty, or just want some cuddles with their human. But did you know you can train your dog to be your alarm clock? The first step is establishing a solid routine of mealtimes, potty breaks, and walks. Take it a step further with a verbal command like “sleep” or “wake” and use treats and praise to lure your dog on the bed. You can also add in other cues, like the alarm clock itself. Before long, you’ll be waking up to canine kisses instead of hitting snooze!

Training Fun Fact #2:

If you’ve ever taken Tucker to the lake and had a tough time getting them out of the water, dock diving might be right up your alley. The game is simple: throw your dog’s favorite toy into the water and watch them retrieve it. In an official dock diving competition, your dog will run and jump from the dock on your command. The goal is to jump as far as possible. Keep practicing and you two will be ready to compete before you know it!

Training Fun Fact #3:

Are you the forgettable type that would lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on? Constantly losing track of your keys and phone? Your trusty doggo can help with that! If you’re looking for a cool and useful trick, try training your dog to find your keys or phone. Focus on one trick at a time and take it slow. Start by letting your dog play with your keys. Toss, fetch, play hide and seek — the “key” is to make it a fun game. From there, you can add verbal cues and commands. In just a few weeks, you’ll won’t have to worry about losing your keys again!

Average Cost of Dog Training in Pittsburgh, PA

The cost of in-home dog training in Pittsburgh varies depending on the mode of training. Pittsburgh dog trainers usually charge an hourly rate, which ranges from $85 to $115 per hour on average. Instead of individual training sessions, some trainers offer in-home behavior consultations from $150 to $175.

Some Pittsburgh in-home training options come in packages that include a limited number of training sessions. Such packages typically cost between $800 and $1,500 and last between 4 to 8 weeks. It’s also important to note that some Pittsburgh dog trainers utilize e-collars in their training methods.

Boarding and training programs are the most expensive dog training option in Pittsburgh. These 2-week “boot camps” for fur-babies cost a pretty penny — anywhere from $1,500 to $2,800, to be exact. Group obedience classes range from $130 to upwards of $300 and last between 4 to 6 weeks. Depending on your schedule and specific needs, group obedience dog training classes may have a few disadvantages. Group classes might not be the best fit for unsocialized dogs or pet parents who aren’t sure if they can attend classes at the same time each week. After your dog graduates one class, they may need to proceed to the intermediate or advanced levels to complete their training.

Prefer individual dog training sessions in the comfort of your home? Need more flexibility in your dog’s training regimen? Download the Wag! app and connect with a Pittsburgh dog trainer today. At just $60 per hour-long training session, Pittsburgh in-home dog training through Wag! is affordable and customizable according to your dog’s needs.

Going Off-Leash in Pittsburgh, PA

Off-leash dog parks can be the perfect place to put your pupper’s training into practice — that is, as long as you’ve mastered the fundamentals of obedience. According to the City of Pittsburgh’s official dog park rules, pet parents must keep their dogs in sight and under voice control at all times. Aggressive dogs and those considered “dangerous” under the state’s dog regulations are prohibited. As defined by the State of Pennsylvania, “dangerous” dogs have a history of attacking humans or animals unprovoked. If your dog is showing signs of aggression toward other pooches or people, work with a Pittsburgh dog trainer before visiting the city’s off-leash zones.

Now that you know the rules, it’s time to go off-leash in Pittsburgh! If your pooch doesn’t play well with others, consider Aspinwall Riverfront Dog Park. This hidden gem isn’t usually as crowded as other off-leash areas in Pittsburgh, because only 10 dogs are allowed to play at a time. That means it’s a great place to test the waters of off-leash freedom. Speaking of testing the waters, as the park’s name suggests, this outdoor oasis sits right on the river. Leashed dogs in lifejackets are welcome to accompany their parents on a relaxing kayak adventure. (But please keep your woofer out of the water.)

Has your hound been making great strides in their socialization and recall skills? Find some new canine compadres at Allegheny Commons. Watch your pal do the doggy paddle in the pond and play the day away with their new four-legged friends. Good recall is important for anyone planning to visit this spacious, unfenced area.

Dog Training in Pittsburgh, PA

Where will you find Pittsburgh dog trainers outside of class? Giving back to their community at Pittsburgh’s animal shelters! Whether it’s working one-on-one with the dogs in the city’s adoption centers or helping out with important fundraisers and events, volunteering helps Pittsburgh dog trainers gain the experience they need.

What’s the most popular dog breed in Pittsburgh? You might be surprised to learn that mutts reign supreme in Steel City! In terms of temperament and behavior, mixed breeds can be somewhat unpredictable. They can inherit any combination of traits from their parents, which means Pittsburgh dog trainers are truly in for a surprise. Examining the characteristics of the parent breeds is a good starting point, but every mixed breed is unique. Need a trainer who’s in tune with your crossbreed? Find a Pittsburgh dog trainer on the Wag! app and your buddy will be the best-behaved dog on the block in no time.

Labradors and German Shepherds often feature in the top three most beloved breeds in many American cities, and Pittsburgh is no exception. Both breeds are celebrated for their intelligence and trainability, and they’re the preferred choice for service dogs and K9 units. Shih Tzus and Beagles aren’t far behind. In terms of training, Shih Tzus are known for making mischief and having a bit of an attitude — it’s their way or the highway! The good news is, they love pleasing their parents. With a firm resolve, lots of praise, and a little help from a Pittsburgh dog trainer, you can break your Shih Tzu’s bad behaviors.

On the other paw, Beagles are headstrong and independent, but they’re also just as prone to mischief as Shih Tzus. It’s best to keep both eyes and ears on these little escape artists whenever you’re playing out in the yard — if they get a whiff of an appealing scent, they’re liable to give chase. Just because it’s an instinct doesn’t make it acceptable! Excellent recall is a must for this little hunter, and obedience training will keep their digging habit in check.

Because many training and temperament issues start at home, it’s a good idea to train at home to reinforce the desired behaviors. Pittsburgh dog trainers with Wag! bring the obedience classes to you for a fraction of the price.