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Hi I'm Sydney and I am so excited to be a Wag walker! I love animals and have grown up with dogs my entire life. I have always had a pooch by my side and I feel I am very well fit for this awesome job. I am so excited to meet your pup and give them the best walk/care they deserve!

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About Dog Training in Charleston, SC

Training Fun Fact #1:

Charleston's dog beaches are the perfect places to beat that infamous South Carolina summer humidity. But did you know that dogs aren’t actually born knowing how to swim? If your woofer is afraid of the waves, train your dog to swim at the beach by visiting at low tide and going for a romantic stroll in the surf before venturing out into deeper waters. Toys and treats will come in handy, or you can use a doggy life vest as an extra safety precaution.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Many South Carolinian pet parents love hunting and spending quality time in the great outdoors with their dogs. Hoping to bring your hound along on your hunting trips but not sure where to start? One of the first steps for training your dog to hunt is desensitizing them to loud noises. You can simulate loud noises by playing recordings of things like fireworks and gunshots. Play these quietly at first and increase the volume gradually. Make sure to reward your dog for staying calm with treats or their favorite activities. Over time, you can phase out the treats as your dog learns that loud noises mean bird or game retrieval.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Does T-Bone tend to tug on their leash? One method for stopping your doggo from dragging you down the sidewalk is to use a clicker. Starting out in your back yard or an environment with few distractions, attach the leash, allowing some slack, and let your dog settle down. Once they’re calm, click and treat immediately after. Then, when you want your dog to walk, introduce a verbal command, like “let’s go”. Click and reward each time your dog stays by your side and doesn’t pull the leash. Keep practicing, and remember to stay firm on your walks through the neighborhood. If your dog continues to pull the leash when they see another dog, don’t allow them to play. In other words, don’t reward the undesirable behavior! For more methods on leash training, check out our guide on training your dog to loose leash walk.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Charleston, SC

How much can you expect to pay for Charleston in-home dog training? Prices vary depending on whether the trainer charges an hourly rate or offers packages with multiple sessions. On average, Charleston dog trainers charge between $100 and $125 per hour for in-home training. Packages start at $400 for 3 sessions.

Thinking about enrolling your doggo in obedience training classes? You can expect to pay roughly $130 for a 6-week obedience training class or puppy training course. These classes are usually tiered at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Graduating obedience school requires an investment of about $400 over a 4-month period.

Group classes might not be the best training option for every dog, however. Less one-on-one time with the trainer and the unpredictability of other dogs’ behavior are just a couple of disadvantages of group classes. Busy pet parents with hectic schedules may struggle to attend class every week. Those new to dog training might also want to test out a training option before committing to a course.

Whatever your situation, Charleston dog trainers on the Wag! app offer an affordable alternative that fits around your busy life. With an in-home Charleston dog trainer, you can address behavioral problems at their source. Choose the time and date of your session, then select a trainer based on your needs and preferences. Chat in-app about your buddy’s behavior and temperament, then work together to create a bespoke training plan for your pooch — all this and so much more for just $60 per hour-long session. 

Going Off-Leash in Charleston, SC

Ready to explore the off-leash dog parks in Charleston, SC with Rufus? Make sure you know the rules before letting loose. Standard dog park rules apply at Charleston’s off-leash parks. Visitors are responsible for their dogs’ behavior and are required to supervise their dogs at all times.

One of Chucktown’s most popular dog parks is James Island County Dog Park. Complete with a dog beach and plenty of space to romp, it’s no wonder why this park is such a hit with local hounds. The park also hosts regular “yappy hour” events complete with live music and adult beverages. If your dog is a little shy in busy environments, brush up on their socialization skills before visiting. It might also be a good idea to train your dog to swim in a lake if they haven’t yet earned their water wings.

Charleston also boasts a handful of dog-friendly beaches where Sparky can make a splash. Isle of Palms Beach is a firm favorite with locals and visitors alike. Dogs are welcome to romp leash-free year-round, but be advised that the leash-free hours vary depending on the season. Make sure your doggo’s recall skills are up to par before your beach day!

Whether you’re planning to treat your doggo to a dip or you’d prefer to stay on dry land, a solid foundation of obedience training is essential for a safe off-leash outing. Could your doggo use a refresher course? Link up with a Charleston dog trainer and work on recall and socialization.

Dog Training in Charleston, SC

From high-end doggy spas to gourmet bakeries, Charleston’s “pupulation” is truly living in the lap of luxury. It’s no wonder why nearly 75% of Charleston’s households include a four-legged family member! That means there’s always a need for dog trainers in Charleston. Often, Charleston dog training professionals get their start at the city’s adoption shelters, and many are devoted dog owners themselves. 

What breeds will you find living the good life in coastal Charleston? The athletic Vizsla is a top choice for pet parents in Charleston. The ideal hunting companion, Vizslas are master trackers and excel at waterfowl hunting. This workhound is happiest and healthiest when they have a mentally and physically stimulating job to do. Once you’ve established a strong foundation of obedience and recall, you can start training your Vizsla to point.

Also among Charleston’s most popular dog breeds is the German Shorthaired Pointer. As friendly as they are majestic, this natural-born hunter will catch onto obedience training quickly. But you’ll want to start as early as possible and practice as often as you can — this cunning canine will get bored without enough stimulation and might resort to destructive behaviors to amuse themselves.

No matter what type of training you’re looking for — whether it’s puppy training, obedience, behavior, or even agility — Charleston’s dog trainers have got you covered. Book your first session on the Wag! app today and discover what your mutt is made of!