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As someone who travels and has to have pet sitters of my own sometimes, I know what it’s like to worry about how my pets are doing. I also know what it’s like to trust that my pets are being well taken care of. I want to be that peace of mind for you! I was a dog groomer for 8 years and dog walking/pet care for 3 years. I am now a part time dog trainer. I have 5 dogs of my own, my oldest is 15 years old and I’ve had him since he was a puppy. Dogs are my life!

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About Dog Training in Greenville, SC

Training Fun Fact #1:

Agility equipment provides tons of fun for pooches, not to mention an excellent mental workout. Training your dog to do the seesaw trick, navigate through weave poles, and successfully perform a tire jump will take some time and a hearty amount of tasty treats. Each trick can take between 3 and 6 weeks to master using a variety of training methods. Luring your dog with their favorite toy or treat is an effective approach for all tricks, but whatever method you choose to use, remember to start slow and stay consistent.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Adopting a dog with a past history of abuse or trauma can be equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. Be sure to learn as much of your dog’s history as you can — this will help you identify their triggers. Abused dogs react to different stimuli in different ways, whether it’s hiding from fear or nipping from aggression. Training an abused dog to trust you will take a lot of time and patience. Maintain a mindful, curious, and calm approach when helping your dog adjust to their new home. Need some extra guidance? Enlist the help of a dog trainer near you for bespoke instructions on how to soothe your dog’s stress and anxiety.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Does your doggo practically inhale their food? Dogs might eat too quickly for many reasons, whether it’s boredom or protecting their dinner from another hound in the household. There are several methods you can use to train your dog to eat slower. Muffin tin games, puzzle feeders, and commands like “sit” and “wait” work wonders when used consistently.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Greenville, SC

How much should you expect to pay for Greenville, SC in-home dog training? Some private dog training options in Greenville offer bundles of multiple training sessions with other benefits. These packages range from $900 to $1,300 on average and come with a consultation as well as a limited number of training sessions that vary in duration. Such bundles usually address a specific set of commands and behaviors, and may also include extras like phone support.

Thinking about signing up for a group class? Both puppy training classes and adult dog obedience classes in Greenville, SC, cost between $130 and $150 on average for a 6-week course. Remember, these classes have different levels, so you’ll likely need to complete 2 or more courses to master the full set of commands.

Less one-on-one training time and a distracting environment full of other untrained dogs mean group classes might not work for every dog. Greenville, SC dog training options through the Wag! app make it easier than ever to fit your dog’s training around your busy life, right in the comfort of your home. Whether your puppy needs a primer on household manners or your adult dog could use an attitude adjustment for bad behaviors, Greenville dog trainers with Wag! have the knowledge and expertise you need.

The process is simple: download the Wag! app, sign up for an account, set the time and date, and select a dog trainer near you. Once you’ve chosen your trainer, you can message them with questions and information about your dog’s training needs right in the app. You’re in control of every aspect of your dog’s training routine. Plus, training sessions cost just $60 an hour, making it a budget-friendly option for dog owners looking to save some extra cash for treats and toys.

Going Off-Leash in Greenville, SC

All 3 of Greenville’s off-leash dog parks provide separate fenced areas for large and small dogs — no need to fret about your petite pup having a run-in with the big breeds. They also feature everything you need for a fun outing at the pup playground, including drinking water and waste baggies. Any of the city’s dog parks make the perfect spot to treat your pupper to their first taste of off-leash freedom.

The Pelham Mill Dog Park is a prime spot for playtime in the morning or evening, before the mercury starts to rise. Pet parents will get little respite from the heat here, and the hot sand can burn your pup’s paw pads if you’re not careful. For more shade and space, make a beeline for Pavilion Recreation Complex Dog Park. A mess-free surface of wood chips keeps your canine clean when “ruffhousing.” The park tends to get a little crowded outside of work hours, so prepare to meet plenty of other pups here. Last but most certainly not least is Conestee Dog Park, the city’s newest and most popular park by a country mile. Visitors can watch over their fur-babies from the shaded seating areas.

Could Belle use a refresher course on obedience and recall before your next off-leash adventure? Link up with a Greenville SC dog trainer on the Wag! app and you’ll be romping and rolling at the dog park in no time!

Dog Training in Greenville, SC

Southerners love nothing more than experiencing the great outdoors with their loyal hounds by their side. That means South Carolinian canines truly get the best of both worlds — after a long day of fishing, boating, hiking, and hunting with their humans, they’re treated to belly rubs, ear scratches, and even the odd table scrap on the front porch.

While the diverse landscapes of the Palmetto State offer endless recreational opportunities, much of the Upstate consists of dense woodlands. Without a solid foundation of obedience, particularly the recall command, your pup could easily fall prey to dangerous wildlife like coyotes and venomous snakes and spiders on your outdoor adventures. Got a stubborn dog who doesn’t like to come when called? It might be a good time to consult a Greenville, SC dog trainer.

What kinds of canines are Greenville, SC dog trainers working with? Big breeds reign supreme in the Upstate. The Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd are just as popular in SC as they are in most other parts of the country. Considering the popularity of hunting in South Carolina, it’s no surprise that the Beagle steals the number 3 spot on the state’s list of most popular dog breeds. Beagles excel at tracking down small game, notably rabbits. Their strong prey drive can lead to mischief if not kept in check. Leaving a Beagle unattended outdoors, even in a fenced backyard, could spell disaster. These small dogs have a mighty jump and are practically impossible to stop once they get whiff of an appealing scent.

South Carolina’s state dog, the Boykin Spaniel, is a beautiful yet brawny breed that also makes an excellent sidekick for the avid hunter. Born and bred in the Palmetto State for the express purpose of waterfowl hunting, Boykins are the perfect addition to any pack. Loyal, loving, and gentle, they’ll do anything to please their people, which means training should be a walk in the dog park. Just be sure to keep their sharp minds stimulated, or risk them resorting to destructive behaviors to prevent boredom.

Whether your fur-child is an adventurous athlete, a couch potato, or somewhere in between, every dog could use a little one-on-one training time now and then. Book a Greenville, SC dog training session and see what everybody’s barking about!