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Robert BHouston, TX



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“Dog Trainer here! Experience matters”

Hey pet parents, my name is Bobby. I'm going to hopefully be hired on as your dog walker soon. Let me build your confidence in my abilities. First I'll tell you currently when I'm not walking dogs I am a full time Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Do I need to explain further? I know how to deal with just about every breed and there challenging at times personality. Want me to work on leash walking, just ask through the app and let me know there allergies. I alway use positive training!!

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Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

Troy RHouston, TX



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“Banfield’s #1 employee”

Hello my name is Troy I’m currently serving as a veterinarian technician at Banfield animal hospital. I have a great passion for dogs as I’ve dedicated my life and my career to working with them. I’m also in school to take the VTNE (licensed vet tech exam), and would love to assist in walking your pet today.

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Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care

About Dog Training in Houston, TX

Training Fun Fact #1:

The old saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but any proud owner of an elderly dog will confirm this is a myth. Dogs are highly intelligent beings who never stop learning! While it’s best to start training a puppy as early as possible, it’s not always a viable option for those who have adopted an older dog. Even the most stubborn elderly dogs can learn good behavior, obedience fundamentals, and other vital skills like recall.

Training Fun Fact #2:

As many pet parents can attest, training a puppy isn’t always a walk in the dog park. But it’s important to keep your mood and body language in check at all times — even when your precious pup has gnawed your favorite pair of shoes or tinkled on the carpet. Dogs don’t respond well to negative reinforcement or punishment. Whether you’re training or reacting to your dog’s actions, make a point to practice mindfulness. Pay attention to everything from your breathing and body language to your dog’s behavior as well as the overall environment.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Aggression in dogs is a serious issue that must be addressed for your own safety as well as everyone else’s, but it can be hard to know where to start. One of the first steps is to identify the source of the aggression and how your dog reacts. From there, you can work with a dog trainer near you to prevent dangerous behaviors and avoid triggering situations.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Houston, TX

In-home dog training in Houston can cost a pretty penny! Some Houston dog trainers charge an hourly rate, usually between $125 and $145. First-timers may need to pay more for their initial consultation, which can last up to an hour and a half. Travel fees may apply in the form of a higher hourly rate or a separate fee. Other private dog trainers in Houston offer in-home training packages rather than single sessions. Such bundles range from $600 to $1,200 for 3 to 6 sessions and come with extras like phone support and training videos.

Considering group obedience training or behavior classes? Six-week puppy training classes in Houston typically cost between $200 to $225. The same prices apply for adult obedience group classes in Houston. Be aware that if you miss a class, you may be subject to an extra fee to make it up. 

If your schedule is unpredictable and you’re not ready to commit to a weekly training class, why not download the Wag! app and find a dog trainer near you? Wag! makes it easy to book a session that suits your schedule, budget, and most importantly, your dog’s behavioral needs. For just $60 per hour-long training session, you’ll save some extra cash to spend pampering your pupper.

Here’s how it works: download the app, browse a list of dog trainers near you, favorite your preferred trainer(s), set the date and time, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you’ve booked your session, start chatting with your trainer through in-app messaging. Review the commands you’d like to work on and ask any questions you might have about dog training fundamentals. Simple, affordable, flexible — Houston dog trainers with Wag! bring the obedience classes right to your doorstep!

Going Off-Leash in Houston, TX

Before you set out for your off-leash adventure in Houston’s dog parks, read up on the rules and regulations. Like most municipalities, the City of Houston requires pet parents to keep a close watch on their pups at all times. Visitors are held responsible for their dogs’ behavior, including any injuries inflicted or property damage caused. Dogs with a previous history of aggressive behavior aren’t welcome in Houston’s off-leash areas. Biting, fighting, and all other aggressive behaviors are also prohibited. That’s why it’s important to work on socialization, obedience, and good behavior with a dog trainer in Houston before letting loose.

Make a splash with some new canine compadres at Johnny Steele Dog Park. This park is best suited to pups who play well with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Although there are separate areas for small and large dogs, the pond is fair game for all four-legged visitors.

Like Johnny Steele Dog Park, Millie Bush Dog Park is a great place for hounds to beat the Houston heat. This is a better option for dogs who prefer to play with pups their own size, as each separate area for small and large breeds has its own pond. This park is typically quiet in the afternoon, so don’t be surprised if you have this pooch playground all to yourselves!

Houston has some doggone good dog parks, and it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to play. Find a dog trainer near you and brush up on your mutt’s manners and you’ll be splashing and romping in no time flat!

Dog Training in Houston, TX

Whether your woofer needs a little help with obedience basics, or you’re looking to dig deeper into canine sports like agility and rally, Houston dog trainers on the Wag! App have the expertise your dog needs to excel.

What are the most popular dog breeds for Houston’s pup parents? As is the case just about everywhere else in America, the lovable Labrador steals the spotlight in Space City. German Shepherds, French Bulldogs, and Golden Retrievers also rank among the top five.

The Bulldog is the second most popular dog breed in Houston, and it’s easy to see why. This stocky breed’s loyalty to their families truly knows no bounds. Their low activity levels mean they won’t need a whole lot of exercise, but their chewing habits mean they will need a consistent training regimen. Be mindful of the treats when training, as these couch potatoes can put on weight easily.

Rounding off the list of top 10 dog breeds in Houston is the brawny Boxer. A stark contrast to the relaxed Bulldog, the Boxer is energetic and sharp-witted. This unstoppable dog could run and romp the day away if you let them. Because they’re highly protective, they can be a bit wary of strangers, both of the two- and four-legged variety. Early socialization is key to training a well-mannered Boxer.

Is your dog begging to learn a new trick? Need help discouraging your buddy’s bad behaviors? Houston dog trainers on the Wag! platform are ready and waiting to lend a helping paw. Download the Wag! app today and book a session to see what everyone’s barking about!