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CDC COVID PROTOCOL COMPLIANT WALKER/TRAINER As we return to our work places our fur babies will need some extra TLC This transition can be stressful but with WAG it doesn’t have to be You can ensure your pet gets the right amount of exercise needed to maintain a healthy mind & body I also offer basic obedience training & teach them safe healthy ways to interact with you. Thank you for the privilege of being able to tend to & care for your beloved pets

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About Dog Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Training Fun Fact #1:

Newborn puppies have a lot of growing to do. And to accomplish that, they sleep about 15 to 20 hours a day! This may seem like an unbelievable amount, but we all know how mini-canines grow with leaps and bounds once they get moving around. When are puppies ready to eat solid food? Mama’s milk won’t be enough once they reach four weeks of age. 

Training Fun Fact #2:

Humans can feel a little sluggish and unwell if their temperature climbs above 99 degrees F. If it reaches 101F, people classify it as a fever. That’s not the case in canines! In fact, 101.2F is the average temperature for four-leggers. Their normal temperature can range from 99F to 101.5F, but if it goes lower or higher than that, a veterinarian visit is essential to rule out causes for the fever.

Training Fun Fact #3:

What is the gestational period of a canine? The average is 60 days. It doesn’t seem like a very long time, but it goes part and parcel with the rapid growth of a dog from day one. Because a puppy can go from tiny to big and strong in a matter of months, it’s ever-important to teach them leash manners right off the bat.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Are you thinking about dog training lessons for your pooch? There are several choices for classes in Salt Lake City. Whatever your dog’s age or size, dog trainers in Salt Lake City are ready to start your barkster on the road to success.

In-home private lessons vary a fair amount in price, but that is because some courses are more intensive than others. Walking on a leash and learning to meet other dogs with ease are two of the components of lessons. Prices average between $125 and $250. A consultation fee may be added or can be included in the initial quote. Travel expenses may come into play if the trainer has to travel a distance to your home.

Group classes can be a lot of fun, as long as your dog is socialized and ready to partake in a class with dogs of varying breeds and personalities. Puppy class is for young dogs, but a basic obedience class can have dogs of any size and age participate - it’s for everyone. Prices will range from $125 to $175. Remember, you and Fido have to attend every class to get the most out of the course. There is typically homework, too.

Board and train is a handy option to consider. For example, if you are heading out on vacation, drop your dog off at the trainers for a week-long intensive course in their home or kennel. Prices will average around $1000 per week. Often, follow-up classes are part of the package. After-course questions about how your dog is managing at home, along with training tips, are usually included n the board and train cost.

Can you imagine being away from your pupster for over a week? If you can’t, in-home dog trainers with Wag! bring the lessons to you. Take advantage of the flexibility offered by the enthusiastic and vetter trainers, ready to book classes when it suits your schedule. Private in-home training is easily booked within the Wag! app. Chat and pay in-app to set up a customized class for just $60 per one-hour session.

Going Off-Leash in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is an outdoor lover’s dream in any season. The snow in Utah is described as The Greatest Snow on Earth. Imagine the fun you and Fido will have, frolicking in the snow and maybe even learning to pull a sled.

Before you take your dog in the wide-open spaces of Utah, make yourself familiar with the leash and licensing laws first. Dogs (and their feline friends) need to be licensed and wearing a tag. Microchipping is an option instead of a tag. Rabies vaccines are a must for pooches and cats alike. Of course, it’s common courtesy to pick up after your dog wherever you go.

Once you’ve tried your hand at mushing, head to one of the off-leash dog parks in the city. Pioneer Park Off-Leash Dog Area is a downtown park, popular with pet parents looking for greenery in the urban jungle. It is a busy spot, so if you decide to give it a try, make sure Fido is comfortable around other dogs and is up to date on necessary vaccines.

The Jordan Dog Park is a hit with families. Canine and human kiddos will have a blast at this expansive outdoor space. The amenities include tables and seating, and trees are abundant for relaxing in the shade

Dog Training in Salt Lake City, UT

You'll see plenty of dogs year-round in this canine-friendly state. Get your pupster ready to navigate the trails and hillsides of Salt Lake City. Ensure your dog is friendly and ready for crowds by training them to keep calm around other dogs, and people, too. 

What types of dogs will you see around the lakes and trekking the trails? The Labrador Retriever, whether it be the golden, brown, or black version, is the top canine kiddo in the beehive state. Running a close second is the German Shepherd and right behind is the Golden Retriever. 

Moving up the furry faves ladder is the Rottweiler. Another large breed, this sturdy dog loves to work and needs to use their mind and body to be content and stay out of mischief. They can be territorial, making socialization a must. Walk your pup often and let them meet and greet other fine pooches for a chance to make life-long furry buddies.

Don't forget the mighty mutt, and consider adoption from a dog shelter the next time you are looking for an animal companion for the home. Local dog trainers with Wag! often volunteer at shelters and dog adoption centers all over the state. They help homeless dogs be the best they can be and then pass this valuable knowledge along to student pups. Schedule a lesson with the best local dog trainer for your pup and then head to the great outdoors to train!