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Brittany GMadison, WI



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As a dog mom of two boys, Cooper and Rocky, and a volunteer at my local humane society, I cannot wait to meet your dog! I am hard working, dedicated and very passionate about what I do!

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Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

Lily VMadison, WI



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Hello! My name is Lily! All my life I've loved being around and working with dogs. As far back as I can remember I've wanted to have a career with dogs, I've worked as a dog trainer in the past and now I'm a dog walker! I have three dogs of my own, I have a brittany, a chihuahua and a rottweiler mix. So I'm definitely comfortable around many different types of pups! I can truly say working with dogs is my passion in life!

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About Dog Training in Madison, WI

Training Fun Fact #1:

Wisconsin’s official state dog, the American water spaniel, is known for their instinctual hunting prowess. Although they excel at an array of canine sports, they’re also pretty talkative and prone to excessive barking. Looking for some fun activities to do with your American water spaniel that also improve their training? Try the speak and quiet game. First, teach your dog the “speak” command. Once they know how to bark on command, switch it up and teach them the “quiet” command. Start by rewarding them with a treat when they don’t bark, then add the command. These intelligent doggos will soon get the hang of it!

Training Fun Fact #2:

Why do dogs mark their territory? Marking is a dog’s way of establishing ownership of something, but it can also stem from anxiety. While marking may be useful in the wild, it can be a nuisance for pet parents. If your pooch pees on everything you love and you’re at the end of your leash, there are a few ways you can train your dog not to mark their territory. Stick to a regular potty schedule, set a specific place for your dog to do their business, and clean previously marked areas thoroughly. Spaying or neutering your dog can also stop your dog from marking their territory.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend game or you’re ready to take things up a notch, training your dog to do bar jumps is an excellent way to challenge your dog’s mind and keep them physically fit. This activity is often part of agility competitions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set up some jumps in your back yard! To master this skill, you’ll want to build on your dog’s recall skills first. Then, start with short jumps. Keep practicing and increasing the height over time, and your hound will clear those hurdles with ease!

Average Cost of Dog Training in Madison, WI

How much does in-home dog training cost in Madison, WI? Chances are you’ll need to contact the training facility to find out, as prices aren’t always listed. The same also applies to board-and-train options. Some Madison dog training courses are also entirely online rather than one-on-one with a trainer. Considering obedience, behavior, or puppy training classes? Six-week courses run from $100 to $115 on average. Agility training in Madison, WI typically runs $75 for a 3-week course.

Got a particularly stubborn pupper who might not perform well in group classes? Are you new to training and hoping to get a taste of it entails before committing to a course? Madison dog trainers on the Wag! app have got you and your canine covered. For a flat fee of just $60 per hour-long session, you’ll enjoy the freedom to train at your pup’s pace in the comfort of your home or the place you choose. Once you book your session, you’ll have your trainer right at your fingertips to answer any questions and create a personalized plan for your pooch.

Going Off-Leash in Madison, WI

Off-leash dog parks in Madison, WI not only allow you to put Spot’s obedience and behavior training to the test, but they’re also great places to find new pup pals. Before you set out on your off-leash adventure, there are a few things you should know. Residents and out-of-towners are required to obtain a license and dog park permit for each dog. Pet parents are advised that wildlife and poisonous plants can cause problems at Madison’s dog parks — flawless recall and obedience are essential to keep all dogs safe. Visitors must supervise their dogs at all times and keep them under control.

Now that you’ve done your homework, it’s time to let loose!  McCormick Greenway Dog Park is suitable for both shy and social dogs. A small park at just three-tenths of an acre, it’s an excellent place to dip your pup’s paws into the wild world of off-leash freedom. This park opens bright and early at 4 AM, which means you can swing by before work and have the park to yourself. Or, join the crowd after rush hour and let Lassie run with the pack. 

Demetral Dog Park

is another great spot to expose Sparky to a variety of people, pooches, and experiences. The surrounding community park welcomes leashed dogs, but the real fun happens in the off-leash dog zone! Be advised that this 1-acre park doesn’t provide separate areas for small dogs, so it’s best suited for dogs who get along well with woofers of all shapes and sizes. Not sure the dog park is for you? Leave the leash attached and take a walk around the park’s sports fields and playgrounds.

Need to address some behavioral or obedience issues before your off-leash excursion? Connect with a Madison, WI dog trainer with Wag!, and Ziggy will be zooming around before you know it!

Dog Training in Madison, WI

Did you know that dogs comprise a whopping 5% of Madison’s population? That means there’s always a need for dog trainers in Madison. Many Madison dog trainers on the Wag! app have years of experience caring for canines, and they’re also pet parents themselves. Whether they’re lending a helping paw at area dog shelters, or they’re playing fetch with their own fur-babies, Madison dog training professionals have the experience and skills your doggo needs to succeed.

What are some of the most popular dog breeds in Madison, WI? It’s no surprise that the beloved Border Collie steals the spotlight in America’s Dairyland. This beautiful, intelligent breed has been herding livestock for thousands of years — since ancient Roman times, in fact. Although they’ll form an unbreakable bond with their humans, Border Collies can be wary of strangers, so start socializing your Border Collie as soon as possible. Work on obedience alongside socialization and your Collie will soon know all the tricks in the training manual!

Another herding hound, the Australian Shepherd also lands toward the top of the list of most popular dog breeds in Madison, WI. This hyper doggo has energy for days, so regular exercise is essential to keep Australian Shepherds happy and healthy. Their intense love and loyalty toward their families might be endearing, but it can also lead to overprotective and potentially destructive behavior without proper obedience training.

Whether you’ve got a high-energy herding dog or a couch puptato, obedience training benefits every breed at every age. Sign up for a Wag! account and book your first session to discover what Madison’s doggos are barking about!