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Sierra LMilwaukee, WI



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“Your Dog’s New Best Friend”

Hey everyone! I’m Sierra, and I live in Bay View and go to UWM. I’ve been watching/walking dogs for friends and family since middle school, 2 years ago I signed up for 2 dog watching/walking apps, and now I work at a doggy daycare in Butler. My own dog is a 1 year old American Bully. I have experience with all types of dogs; great dane to chihuahua, puppies to seniors, timid to aggressive and everything in between. Dogs are my absolute favorite animal, and I would love to meet yours!

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About Dog Training in Milwaukee, WI

Training Fun Fact #1:

Do you know the Afollie is an easily trained dog? This gorgeous pup is a mix between the Collie and the Afghan Hound. The Afghan Hound is known for their speed when on the chase, and the Collie has excellent herding skills. Combine the two, and you have a dog ready to train and compete in fun events like lure coursing and the broad jump in agility. Give your Afollie the chance to shine and join a club near you.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Canines sweat much differently than humans do. When you are out for a run with your furry buddy and you are wet with perspiration, yet they look cool as a cucumber, it’s not really so. Dogs eliminate heat through their paw pads and their nose. Panting is another way they cool off. Wet footprints left on the ceramic floor as your dog passes by means they are sweating. Be sure on hot days to keep your pooch hydrated by leaving a bowl of fresh water within easy reach.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Why use the most aromatic (but healthy) dog treat when training your four-legged student? Dogs love food, and when a treat that tastes particularly good is associated with training, they’ll retain the instruction for further use when they come across the delicious smell again. Yummy tidbits like cheese and hotdogs are favorites (to be used in moderation) that send a signal that fun is on the way.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Milwaukee, WI

Is your canine sidekick ready to start dog training in Milwaukee? The best place to start is to determine your dog’s needs. How well do they walk on a leash? Do they come when called at the dog park?

On average, for a group class that lasts between four and six weeks, the cost will be $150 to $225. Lessons take place once a week, and consistent attendance is needed for your pupster to get full benefit.

Consider private lessons to give your pooch the training to make them the best-behaved dog in town. Individual instruction will range from $150 to $175. Prices will vary depending on the duration of the course and what skills are taught. Some trainers will offer a combination of lessons given in the home and out in public. Other private classes will require you to make your way to the teacher’s facility for instruction.

Board and train is an option that requires your pup heading off to boot camp for a period of a week and up to four weeks, and sometimes even more. This alternative can be pricey but effective; however, the success depends on how well your pooch adjusts to being away from home.

Is your dog all set to start? Dog trainers in Milwaukee are enthusiastic and willing to teach your pupper the ropes. They don’t mind going the extra mile to help your dog be at their best.

Private, in-home lessons with a dog trainer with Wag! are at your fingertips when you download the app. Chat and pay in-app to set up a customized plan for your best buddy. For only $60 per one hour lesson, your dog will receive the one on one attention they deserve.   

Going Off-Leash in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee is a dog lover’s paradise, with nearly 15,000 acres of open recreational areas waiting to be explored. Start the outdoor adventure off right by registering your dog with the city and bringing their vaccinations up to date. The rabies vaccine is a must, so be sure to have proof of compliance just in case.

Milwaukee has an abundance of outdoor recreational areas, and dogs are not left out of the picture by any means. Head to one of the Milwaukee dog-friendly trails and begin the day with a trek. Let your four-legged companion lead the way on the Kohl Park Hiking Trail. It’s a loop that takes less than an hour to complete. There are wetlands in the area, so bring along a towel for clean-up of the feet and paws before hopping in the car to go home.

Continue the trail exploration at Havenwoods State Forest, a haven for dogs who love to trek and sniff before settling down for a yummy picnic. Take the 2.5-mile pet trail and keep your eye open for a place to take a rest and snack. Clean up before leaving the area - human food is not meant for wildlife critters who make their home here.

Can’t get enough of the great outdoors? What better way to spend the day than on the beach? Pack the car and head to Whitefish Dunes State Park. There is a section just for doggos who love to paddle. Give your pup some swimming lessons and then enjoy a walk along the shore.

Dog Training in Milwaukee, WI

On your outdoor excursions, it’s highly likely you will meet some furry friends along the way trail or at the park. Is your favorite barkster socialized and ready to play? Vetted and trained local dog trainers will prep your pup and teach them how to behave in every situation.

Milwaukee is a great place for doggos and pet parents alike to exercise and build confidence when out for a promenade. The American Water Spaniel is the official state dog of Wisconsin. This energetic and talented pup used to be a star retriever for hunters but is now mainly a companion dog and an excellent one at that. 

The Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever make the list, of course. Who can resist these loyal and faithful dogs? The Shepherds most favored in the state are the German Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd. Both are high energy dogs who thrive on a job to do and will be keen to show their stuff on the obedience trial circuit. 

Mini-pooches seen out and about in Milwaukee are the darling diva Chihuahua and the ever-dignified Pug. Small but game for anything, these little dynamos are ready to make friends with canines of every size. 

Any dog breed loves a mental and physical work out. It’s a necessity, really, and every pooch deserves to be challenged to be the best they can be. Schedule a workout for your dog’s body and mind by contacting a local dog trainer on the Wag! app today!