Become a Dog Walker With Wag!

Get Outside. Walk Dogs. Earn Money.

Walking dogs with Wag! gives you the flexibility to be your own boss and work whenever it fits your schedule. Walk as much, or little as you like. The more you walk, the more you earn! Plus, you'll be making a lot of new furry friends along the way!

Why Walk With Wag?

Walk dogs whenever you want
Dog Love
Bring joy to all kinds of furry friends
The more you walk, the more you earn!
Give Back
Wag! donates money from walks to feed shelter dogs

Walkers in Their Own Words

What it Takes to Walk With Wag!

Dog walking with Wag! is a great way to earn money. However, taking care of someone’s pet is a responsibility to be taken seriously. If you love dogs, have been entrusted to walk someone’s dog, have been a dog owner yourself, and are responsible, professional, and trustworthy, then we encourage you to apply.

You must be over 18-years old to apply, legally allowed to work in the United States, and physically able to walk at least 20 minutes.

Application Process

We have created an amazing community of dog walkers and dog owners who can connect using our app. Our application process is intended to ensure applicants are the right fit to become a valued member of the Wag! Community.

Prior Dog Experience
Tell us about your experience with dogs and take a quiz on dog care and safety.
Collar & Harness Test
Show us your knowledge about different types of dog collars and harnesses.
Situational Assessment
Prove to us you can handle varied and unpredictable situations involving dogs.