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Downtown Los Angeles includes the core, central business district of Los Angeles and several surrounding communities including the Arts District, Fashion District, Skid Row, Toy District, Chinatown, Boyle Heights, Pico Union, Historic Filipinotown, University Park, Echo Park, and Westlake. It is a diverse neighborhood with residential high rises, low rises, trendy loft apartments, townhouses and condos, and some single-family homes outside of the downtown core area. Many more residents of Los Angeles, who do not reside in the area, commute to this area every day to work. Los Angeles area residents also come to access services, shop in the area, and conduct business. Still more tourists and visitors come to take in shopping and sights in the downtown Los Angeles. There are many clubs, bars, theatres and movie houses in the downtown area attracting visitors and residents alike. Fashionable restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles are a big draw to the community, and some downtown eateries with patios may allow dogs in outdoor seating areas. Many old vacant buildings have been developed to provide more residential space in the form of lofts, bringing more residents to the neighborhood. There are plenty of sites to walk to on foot in this thriving area. 

The weather in sunny Los Angeles is usually cooperative for travel on foot, however, the heat at midday in summer can be magnified in this urban area by reflections off the pavement. Walking with your dog in the area may be better enjoyed later or earlier in the day.

Terrain in Downtown Los Angeles
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Downtown Los Angeles features high-rise apartments and office towers in the core, as well as associated districts with shorter multi-story buildings in the surrounding areas, such as the arts and fashion districts. High rises and multi-story building must meet strict fire and earthquake specifications. Flat roofs that can also be accessed by helicopter for emergency services are the norm for multi-story buildings, and architecture is shaped to ensure structural integrity and stability in case of an earthquake. Many unused office buildings in the downtown core have recently been converted to residential buildings, attracting more residents to the downtown Los Angeles area. Surrounding neighborhoods feature historic buildings, convention centers, universities, culturally unique buildings and neighborhoods, museums, theatres, shops, and restaurants. Architecture in the area includes recent, modern building and traditional, historic architecture that has been carefully preserved or redeveloped and repurposed. 

Although the area is well-developed and manmade, there are quite a few parks and greenspaces in this highly urban area, a treat for residents to enjoy, especially those who own pets and can enjoy a break from the paved walkways and streets. Traffic throughout the Downtown Los Angeles area is heavy, and if you are crossing streets, alleys and parking lots in the area you will need to watch out for vehicles and keep your dog leashed and in control to keep him safe. Walking during less busy times may be advised so your dog does not become overwhelmed by the sights and sounds.

Greenways in Downtown Los Angeles
Neighborhoods in Los Angeles have an average of:
22 Greenways
Greenways Bell Curve Greenways Bell Curve

Although one would not expect to find a plethora of parks in downtown Los Angeles, there are, in fact, plenty of unique green space and greenways in Downtown Los Angeles, both in the core and in the surrounding downtown communities. Grand Park is a large 12-acre park on the northside of the downtown area with multiple pedestrian ways, fountains, benches, and green spaces for residents to enjoy with their dog on-leash. There is also a Grand Park Dog run with a fenced off-leash area for local pooches to enjoy. Other dog parks in the area include the Arts District Dog Park and PI Factory Dog Park.

Additional parks in the area are numerous and include MacArthur Park, Pershing Square, Grand Hope Park, San Julian Park, Gladys, Park, and Spring Street Park. In addition, smaller parks, lawns, and grounds of local museums, schools, and the LAPD building provide green space to enjoy with your dog in this “concrete jungle”,  which surprisingly has less concrete and more “jungle”, than one would expect for a central urban neighborhood. A treat for locals and their pets!

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