How to Bathe a Large Dog

20 - 30 Minutes
1 Month


Remember how much fun the Brady Family had bathing Tiger their pet dog? In fact, if you look at most television shows and movies that involve a scene in which a larger dog is being bathed, they never seem to have a problem. Yet when it comes to bathing your big dog, it seems much easier to just take him to the local groomer instead of dealing with it yourself. 

They say knowledge is power and once you learn how to bathe your large furry friend, you may find yourself wondering why you have been wasting so much money. 

Dog's Perspective

No dog truly likes to be dirty, but most do not like the idea of being bathed. There is just something about the whole process they tend not to like. For most, it is simply that being bathed is something they are not used to. Once they have been bathed a few times and realize that not only does being bathed feel good, but it leaves them spotlessly clean and feeling fresh, they may start asking you for a bath. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Always use a rubber mat in the tub for your pup's safety.
  • Never use shampoos or soaps made for humans, they can be toxic to dogs.
  • Keep the water lukewarm. Any hotter and you could seriously burn your pup's skin.
  • If you find any large mats, you should cut them out rather than try to rip them out as this can seriously injure your pup.
  • Take your time and go at a pace that keeps your pup calm and relaxed.
  • If he gets too excited, try using treats to help him relax, along with a nice soothing voice.
  • You may find it pays to have a helper when bathing large dogs.
  • Be sure to use cotton balls in his ears, they can keep the water and shampoo out.


The only hard part of bathing a large dog is convincing him to get in the tub. The rest is just like bathing any other dog, just on a much larger scale. The calmer and more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your dog is likely to be. When you are all done bathing him, drying him off, and brushing him, give him lots of praise and a nice treat or two.

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