How to Brush a Small Dog With a Slicker Brush

10 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


A slicker brush is the perfect brush for your small, wiry-haired dog. For your small dog, you will want a small sized slicker brush. These brushes will have firm bristles that will help gently pull out tangles with ease. Slicker brushes are perfect for removing small knots, tangles, and even larger mats that you don't want to cut out. If your small dog has a wiry coat, you can use a slicker brush all the time or before you do a final smoothing of your dog's coat with a bristle or pin brush. Slicker brushes are also great brushes for long-haired small dogs. The fine teeth on a slicker brush will detangle and smooth long fur. Be sure you purchase the right size slicker brush for your dog’s size. You have a small dog and won’t want your slicker brush to be bigger than the dog! 

Dog's Perspective

Slicker brushes have wire teeth, so they are often a little sharper than a bristle brush or even a pin brush, which often has capped bristles. Because the slicker brush is a bit sharper than a bristle or pin brush, your dog may be a little apprehensive if his skin is dry or sensitive. Just be cautious, so you're not pushing on his skin and scratching him instead of just brushing his fur.

Caution & Considerations

  • Slicker brushes are perfect for small dogs with short or long fur.
  • Slicker brushes work great with wiry fur.
  • Using a slicker brush in a wiry dog helps move natural oils through the dry fur.
  • Slicker brushes will have wire bristles that are set in the brush head very close together. This setting helps remove tangles and large mats by layers.
  • Your small dog may require more than one brush for regular grooming. However, a slicker brush is a great tool to have on hand for smoothing out troublesome fur.
  • Slicker brushes can also help to remove debris from your little guy’s fur. If he's had a trip outside and has picked up grass, leaves or even small sticks in his fur, a slicker brush will help remove this debris.
  • Slicker brushes are perfect for wiry dogs such as Terriers and Schnauzers or Cocker Spaniels and even wiry haired Chihuahuas.
  • If your little guy has trouble sitting for a long time to detangle or brush, give him treats throughout your grooming session to keep him engaged and interested in staying.
  • Slicker brush grooming doesn't always have to be a head to tail grooming session. Slicker brushes are great for spot tangles and removing small sections of mats or debris stuck in the fur.


Give your small dog big confidence with a great slicker brush grooming. Get wiry fur soft and silky smooth using a slicker brush, or give your soft long haired small dog the fluff he needs for his big personality. 

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