How to Calm a Boxer Before Grooming

10 - 20 Minutes
1 Weeks


One of the nice things about a Boxer is that they have very short coats that take very little in the way of grooming. One of the not so nice things about a Boxer is that they are exuberant and tend to continue acting like a puppy well into their senior years. While this kind of energy is great for walks and playtime, it can be a challenge when you can't get your pup to stop wiggling and fussing. Plenty of exercise and the right training will help your Boxer to remain calm during grooming.

Dog's Perspective

Your Boxer is far more interested in playing and having fun than he is being groomed. In fact, he probably doesn't care one way or the other about whether he is groomed or not. But, the one thing he does care about, is being confined and dealing with being touched and brushed all over, let alone if it happens to be bath time. 

Caution & Considerations

  • You are asking your pup to let you touch him and brush him all over, something that does not come naturally to him.
  • Take your time and give your pup all the time he needs to get used to being groomed.
  • If you are using a grooming table, you may need to use a restraining harness to keep him from jumping or falling off the table.
  • Use the right type of brush. Since your pup has a very short coat, a boar bristle brush should be perfect for the job.
  • While you are grooming him, be sure to look for injuries, fleas, and ticks.
  • If you notice anything serious, be sure to take your pup to see his vet. 


Despite the Boxer's exuberant nature, with a little work and time, you can train him to remain calm before and during the grooming process. And, of course, you can always use some of his favorite treats to reward him for chilling out, so you can complete the grooming. With a short-haired coat, you should groom your pup once a week, or at the very least every two weeks to help keep him clean and look for anything out of the ordinary. 

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