How to Calm a Rhodesian Ridgeback Before Grooming

10 - 60 Minutes
1 Weeks


While an adult Rhodesian Ridgeback may, in fact, be a very mellow fellow, while he is a puppy quite the opposite could be said. During their younger years, they are full of life and very rambunctious. Keep in mind that even as adults, these guys are very athletic and love to play. Getting them to calm down enough to be groomed can be challenging. The most important thing to keep in mind when training your Ridgeback is that he will respond very well to consistent positive training techniques. Using any type of negative or punishment-based training will not work but will instead make your pup harder to train. 

Dog's Perspective

Your dog's idea of good grooming is when he uses his tongue to give himself a bath. When you come up to him with brush in hand, he is likely to be more than just a little nervous. In turn, this means he is not going to make it easy for you to groom him. But, with hard work and patience, you can train him to remain calm during grooming time. 

Caution & Considerations

  • If for any reason you think your dog might bite you, you may want to consider putting a muzzle on him for his safety and yours.
  • The younger you start working with your puppy to get him used to being groomed the easier it will be.
  • Grooming is a good time to check his skin for any sign of injuries, fleas, or ticks.
  • Let your pup set the pace while you are training him and afterwards, this will make training him easier.
  • Even though your pup has short hair, you should groom him once a week using a slicker brush to remove dirt, debris, and spread his natural oils through his coat. 


Just because your Rhodesian Ridgeback has a very short coat, this doesn't mean that he doesn’t need to be groomed. You should brush his coat once a week to remove dust and dirt while spreading his natural oils throughout his coat giving it a nice shine and helping it to remain water-resistant. Use your grooming sessions as a good chance to bond with him, in time he will come to look forward to this time with you. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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