How to Calm a Tosa Inu Before Grooming

10 - 60 Minutes
1 Week


The Tosa Inu is a Japanese fighting dog by origin, one that is often used today as a guard dog. They can be great family dogs, but will always be suspicious of strange people and strange dogs. They can be aggressive to intruders, but for the most part are relatively calm and relaxed by nature. They have a dense short coat in a range of colors and tend to mature more slowly than many breeds, not reaching full adulthood until they are four years of age. They are a large, powerful breed that requires an owner who can maintain control of them and let them know who the Alpha in the pack is.

Dog's Perspective

Like most dogs, the Tosa Inu is likely to have reservations about being groomed. For the most part, these are the result of not liking to be touched on certain parts of his body. These include his paws, his private areas, his face/head, and his tail. The tools used to groom him such as brushes, shears, clippers, and nail trimmer are also going to make him nervous.

Caution & Considerations

  • Start training your pup to be calm for grooming from the moment you bring him home. While he probably doesn't need groomed as a young puppy, this will put him in the right place for when he truly needs grooming.
  • Groom your Tosa Inu at least once a week to remove dust, dirt, and parasites.
  • While you are grooming him check for fleas, ticks, and injuries.
  • Take your time and let your pup set the pace, it will make things much easier. 


The Tosa Inu is a large powerful dog, yet if you work with him from the moment you bring him home, you should have no problem getting him to remain calm so that you can groom him. Never be in hurry, let him set the pace and he will soon learn to relax and enjoy being fussed over and groomed. 

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