How to Groom a Puppy with Allergies

10 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


Allergies can be caused by several factors such as food, parasites, and environmental allergens like grass. When your puppy has allergies, his skin could become dry and itchy. Over time, this dry, itchy skin can become broken with open sores that hurt when touched.

While you are figuring out what causes your puppy’s allergies and working on treatments, he will still need to be groomed. Understanding how to soothe his painful skin will help you get through each grooming session while keeping your puppy happy and comfortable. Grooming includes trimming or cutting his fur as well as baths.

Dog's Perspective

A puppy with allergies might be quite uncomfortable. His skin may be tender and sore to touch. He might flinch and cower if you try to brush him. Be cautious and aware of how he may feel as you go through each grooming task.

Caution & Considerations

  • Before your puppy grows too much, try to get a handle on the allergies.
  • For a puppy, be sure you are using a suitable puppy shampoo. Shampoos for humans and dogs will be too rough for your puppy’s skin. Humans and dog have different a pH balance, so using anything but a natural shampoo made for puppies could be damaging to sensitive skin.
  • An oatmeal bath can soothe the itch while healing dry skin.
  • Coconut oil can also be very soothing.
  • Use coconut oil on your dog's skin after grooming to fight bacteria.
  • If your puppy’s allergies are environmental, consider wiping him down with a damp cloth or wet wipe each time he comes in from outside.
  • A quick weekly grooming session will help keep his skin from becoming too dry and itchy.
  • Overwashing your puppy can also cause more problems than it solves.
  • Always be sure to rinse all shampoo off the dog’s skin so it does not dry on the skin and in the fur.
  • Daily brushing with a mitt brush can help to remove small allergens such as pollen from your dog’s skin.


Having a puppy with allergies is never fun, so you can bet grooming while he is suffering the discomfort allergens cause on his skin isn't very fun either. But you can also count on making him feel better through grooming. Oatmeal and coconut oils can be used in the bath and after bathtime to soothe itchy skin. Keeping your little guy clean and well trimmed will help keep allergens in your home and on his fur down to a minimum, which will make you both feel better.

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