How to Groom a Small, Alert Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


Lindi is the kind of pup that never seems to miss a thing. It almost seems as though she has built-in radar. Nothing gets by her, including the fact you have a grooming brush in your hand. The good news is that even with an alert dog that doesn't want to sit still, with the right approach and plenty of patience, you can teach Lindi to not only put up with being groomed on a weekly basis but actually enjoy it. Be patient, be consistent, and above all do everything you can to make the experience fun for both of you. 

Dog's Perspective

When you get right down to it, Lindi probably doesn't care whether you groom her or not. In the wild, dogs take care of their own grooming and think they do a great job. In your home, this doesn't even come close. Keep in mind, keeping Lindi groomed is more about keeping her healthy than it is about making her look her best. 

Caution & Considerations

  • If your dog won't settle down at first, you can always take her for a walk before grooming. Tiring her out will help her be more relaxed.
  • Give your dog all the time she needs to "look" at the tools and get used to them before trying to use them. This will make things go much easier for both of you.
  • Brush her coat in the direction of growth, this will make it easier for both of you.
  • Never use products such as soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste made for humans. They may contain ingredients known to be toxic to dogs.
  • If you must trim her hair, be sure the shears and clippers are sharp. Dull blades tend to rip hair out rather than cut it. This is very painful.
  • Take your time, let your dog set the pace, and make everything fun. 


One of the best ways to help your alert dog get used to being groomed is to introduce each step slowly. Keep the pace slow and your voice low, make it an enjoyable and relaxing experience for both of you. In time, your dog will look forward to your weekly grooming sessions and think of it as a great time for the two of you to bond. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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