How to Groom a Small, Cheerful Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


There is no better pet for an active family than a small, cheerful pup like Toby. He loves being around his family, playing games, going for walks, his new bed, and just about every minute of his life. You would think that being such a happy-go-lucky pup, Toby would have no problem with being groomed. And in reality, it's not the grooming process itself that bugs him. It's that he has to stand or sit still for so long while you work.

The hard part is finding a way to put all that happy energy to work for you, instead of against you. You may find grooming Toby in short sessions may work much better for both of you until he becomes very comfortable with being groomed. 

Dog's Perspective

It's not that Toby is willfully disobeying you, it's just not in his nature to stand still for long periods of time. He wants to be hanging around playing with his family, running around, and getting into just about everything. Take your time, make grooming fun for both of you and use plenty of treats along the way. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Use all that cheerful energy to help make grooming more fun.
  • Take nice long walks to help tire your pup out, which will make grooming much easier.
  • Give him plenty of time to get used to the tools before using them. This will make grooming easier.
  • Taking breaks along the way is a good way to keep your dog calm and happy.
  • Always brush in the direction hair grows, this will help it lie flat.
  • You can use toys to help keep your dog occupied during grooming. 


Nothing much seems to bother a cheerful pup, it's just not in his nature to be sad. If you keep his grooming sessions short and use plenty of treats, the sessions can be a lot of fun. In time, Toby will look forward to his weekly grooming sessions. Take your time and use plenty of treats and praise to create the perfect bonding experience. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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