How to Groom a Social Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


There is nothing quite like having a well-socialized dog like Joey. He seems to love just about everyone and everything. While some pups seem to be born this way, all dogs should be worked with until they are well-socialized around both people and other dogs. However, working with a social pup can be especially challenging when you are trying to groom him and all he wants to do is jump off the grooming table to say hi to another family member or a guest. You can either start out restraining him or you can work with him to calm him down enough to be groomed safely. 

Dog's Perspective

Even the most social of dogs, may not like being groomed. Between being placed on a grooming table and hooked to a safety leash and all of the tools you typically use for grooming, no one can blame Joey for being just a little nervous. One way to overcome this nervousness is to find ways to keep your pup's mind occupied while you work. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Make sure you give your dog plenty of time to get used to the grooming table and the tools you plan to use.
  • Use the walk to tire him out, but don't get carried away as pushing him too far can have adverse consequences.
  • Keep plenty of treats on hand and don't be stingy with them.
  • Use a new toy, one that you can keep just for grooming sessions.
  • Check out the TV programs designed just for dogs, to keep your buddy occupied during grooming.
  • If you must use shears or clippers to trim his coat, be sure the blades are sharp. Keep the clipper blades oiled to reduce friction and heat that might burn the skin.
  • Take your time and let your pup set the pace, you will find this should make things go more smoothly for both of you. 


The biggest problem with trying to groom a very social dog like Joey, is that he is far more interested in socializing. Take your time letting him get used to being on the table and your touch with the brush and other tools. Keep talking to him and make the whole process a bonding experience for both of you. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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