How to Groom a Submissive Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


Sasha could best be descried as a marshmallow. She wouldn’t say boo to a fly, and when it comes to doing what she is told, it seems as though she can't jump to it fast enough. Most dogs tend to not like being bathed, brushed, or having their coats trimmed. And when it comes to having their nails trimmed, just about any dog flinches, but not Sasha. It just doesn't seem to bother her that much once you get started... it's the getting started part that she has a problem with.

Dog's Perspective

Many dogs tend to get very fussy when it's time to groom them, some get nasty, others won't stand still. Even a submissive dog like Sasha may get a little frisky at first. But then, if you want her to stop fussing, you may need to change the way you approach grooming her. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Take your time and let your do get used to the grooming process
  • Give her plenty of time to get used to the tools you plan to use for each grooming session.
  • If you must use shears or clippers, be sure the blades are very sharp. Dull blades rip the hair out instead of cutting it. Not only is this very painful, it can cause damage to her skin.
  • Be sure any shampoo you use has been approved for use on dogs.
  • Never use human shampoo as many of the chemicals in them are toxic to dogs.
  • Use plenty of treats throughout the grooming process. 


Working with a submissive dog like Sasha can be a joy. The big thing is to keep her mind occupied and treat her often to let her know she is doing a good job. Be patient with her and let her set the pace. It won't take long before the two of you start having a great time on this special day every week. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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