Feel like something is missing in your life? Then it’s pawbably time to add another furry friend to your pack. You have one beloved pup already, but just imagine how much more pawsome life would be with another adorable canine running around the house! While adopting another four legged family member brings more joy and love to your household (and more fur), it’s definitely a big decision. With careful planning and preparation, the new fur baby can be a welcome addition to your family, rather than a major disruption. Here are some tips to assist you with bringing home a second dog. 

Make Sure Your Current Pup Likes Other Dogs

In an ideal world, all dogs would be the best of buddies. But this just isn’t the case. Some dogs exhibit anti-social behavior and can be possessive of their space, toys, and…you! Before bringing home a new pup, determine if your current dog would enjoy a sibling. Visit the local dog park to see how they fare with their four legged peers. You can also enroll in obedience classes or have them socialize with neighbor dogs.

Determine the Best Fit

Determine what type of dog will be the best companion for your current pooch. Some impawtant things to consider are the age, temperament, energy level, and sex of both pups. Older dogs may not have the patience or energy to live with a feisty young puppy. If you have an athletic dog that needs to run daily, a docile lap dog may not be a great choice. And, generally speaking, two female dogs aren’t as compatible as two males or a female/male pair.

Arrange for an Introduction

You know your pup gets along with other dogs and you’ve found the pawfect dog to bring home. It’s now time for one of the most impawtant steps- the introduction. Ideally, the two pups should meet at a neutral location. This prevents territorial behavior. Let them sniff each other without human interference. If they are immediate BFFs, drop the leashes and relax a bit. If not, walk them side by side and let them get used to each other. If pawssible, let them meet more than once before bringing the new dog home.

Keep a Close Watch

Your new dog has arrived! While you may be over the moon about this, your first pup needs some time to adjust. For the first couple weeks, or until you are sure they are buddies, don’t leave the two dogs alone together and supervise all of their interactions. Watch for possessiveness and resource guarding, and step in if necessary. It’s a good idea to also feed them separately, just for a little while. If all goes as planned, they’ll be friends in no time!

Build and Maintain Pawsitive Relationships

From here on out, it’s all about puppy love! Help your dogs grow closer by letting them play and do activities together. It’s also impawtant for you to give each one individual attention apart from the other. Your first dog may miss their one on one time with you and your new pup needs to feel included. Plus, in order to maintain the leader of the pack status, you need a strong bond with each pooch.
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A Walk For A Healthier Pup
Give your pup some extra love and fresh air with this Wag! Walk
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