Christmas Decorations to Avoid with Dogs


Christmas time is decoration time, and everyone, pets and all are feeling merry. Turning your home into a winter wonderland is one of the wonders of Christmas. However, as a responsible dog owner, you know that not all festive decorations are dog-friendly. Since you don’t want your holidays to turn into sad times, ensure that you are using ornaments and trinkets that cannot hurt your doggo and ruin their Christmas, or something even worse. You can still have a magnificently decorated house even with a dog around; here are some of the things you should avoid when beautifying your home.


Tinsel is beautiful and is a typical adornment at Christmas. It is a great way of decorating your house and bringing the holiday spirit into your home. However, tinsel can be very harmful to your pup. If ingested, it can cause blockages and even cut your doggo’s stomach. Make sure to avoid it altogether or if it's a must-have, hang it up very high.

Snow Globes

While they are beautiful and magical, snow globes are a threat to your doggo’s health. If within reach, dogs can easily knock them to the floor and break them. They can cut their paws on the glass, and even ingest some of the liquid, which can sometimes contain antifreeze – a known poison for both dogs and humans. Best to keep them out of reach.


Candles can give your home that cozy, manger-like vibe we all love during Christmas time. Remember though, they also are a fire hazard and can cause a lot of damage. If your dog gets a hold of a candle, the flame can burn their nose and paws, and they can also knock them over and cause a fire in your home. 

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Fairy Lights

As decorative and delightful as they are, fairy lights are a big no-no around pets. Our pups are curious and always want to investigate new things, so having lights and wires that can electrocute them is a big threat to their well-being. If you must have fairy lights, hang them up high and protect the socket they are plugged into to avoid accidents and catastrophes. 

Food Ornaments

Hanging cookies, treats, and salt dough ornaments on your Christmas tree might be cute and appealing, but it also poses a threat to your dog’s health. Avoid hanging any food on the tree to prevent your dog from munching on them and ingesting tree needles which can upset and injure their stomach. Also, salt dough ornaments can cause salt toxicosis, so best to keep them away. 

Christmas Foliage

Hanging mistletoe around the house is a long-standing Christmas tradition, however, be careful with it and other Christmas foliage around your pup. If ingested accidentally, many holiday plants can poison your dog and cause severe health issues. Even if the result is only an upset stomach, ingesting plants can still cause vomiting, which you want to avoid during the holidays when vets might be vacationing.