Christmas Eve Tips: How to Prepare your Dog for Christmas


The tray of cookies is set out for Santa, your stockings are hung by the chimney with care and there are perfectly wrapped presents under the tree. You are ready for Christmas, but is your dog? Before you get all snug in your bed, think about ways to make Christmas day a little more manageable for your pup to guarantee that they have a fun, stress-free and jolly Christmas! These tips will help ensure your dog has a very merry holiday just like you and better yet, they are quick and easy to do!

Guest Prep

If you are having family and friends over on Christmas day, plan for how to keep your dog comfortable around all those noisy and excited people. Ensure your dog has a cozy spot in the house to escape to if needed and gets lots of exercise before your guests arrive. Definitely tell your family no snacks under the table for your dog!

Lights Off, Lights Up

While you may want to leave your Christmas lights on all night for festive cheer, turn them off when you go to bed and pick up any wires that are low to the floor. You don't want your pup deciding to chew a pretty strand of lights or getting tangled in wires! Consider letting your pup bunk in with you while you wait for Santa!

Quick Groom

To make sure your dog is dressed in their Christmas finest, give their fur a nice brushing on Christmas Eve. Your dog will wake up with a beautifully groomed coat, ready for any Yuletide pictures that may start right away in the morning. A nice red or green bow attached to their collar is also a special, festive touch to their holiday look.
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Safe Zone

Christmas Day can be hectic with so many new toys with lights and sounds, wrapping paper everywhere, delicious smells in the is exhausting! Your dog may think so too, which is why you should set up a "safe zone" for them to retreat to if necessary. Make it comfy and cozy with a few new dog bones as well; it is Christmas, after all!

It's a Wrap

Wrapping paper can contain chemicals like bleach and chlorine which are dangerous for a dog to consume. When the presents are being unwrapped on Christmas day, immediately throw the paper into a large bag to discard later. Not only will this pick up method keep the paper away from your dog but it will also keep your house clean and tidy.


While you may have gotten gifts for everyone on your list already, did you get a present for your dog? Giving your dog a new toy, bone or treat on Christmas Day will keep them busy and happy so you can go about your holiday knowing they are distracted and happy. Also, every dog deserves a gift from Santa Paws!