Dog Friendly Christmas Home Decorations


Decorating your home at Christmas time is an age-old tradition that everyone is still quite fond of and rightfully so - decorating puts everyone in the Christmas spirit! However, you do need to consider your dog's needs as well. Will your pup chew on that tree ornament? Will they try to eat a perfectly placed tray of cookies? Or maybe they will take to unwrapping the presents under the tree. As you decorate your home, keep your pup in mind and try these dog-friendly Christmas decorations as well. Your home can be festive and safe at the same time.

Tree Choice

While real Christmas trees are beautiful and smell fantastic, they are not very dog-friendly. The needles on a real tree are sharp and could hurt your dog. Pine needles also can be toxic to dogs if they ingest a few too many. An artificial tree will remove any risk to your holidog and still look just as beautiful!

Simple Decorations

Flashy and fancy ornaments with festive sounds, lights and glitter can catch a dog's eye - who can look away from that sparkly bauble - and make your pup want to play with that shiny thing! Opt for simple, classic decorations and skip those that move or shine too much. Classy Christmas decorating is also dog-friendly decorating.

Candle Safety

The soft glow of a candle is definitely a decoration that screams 'Christmas'. Candles also scream 'fire' which is hazardous to your dog! If your pup runs through your Christmas filled house too fast, those candles could be a serious problem! Opt for electric candles which look beautiful and won't be a danger to your favorite buddy.
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Skip Food Decorations

Popcorn balls and popcorn garland, candy canes and gingerbread houses are all on the "no" list for people who have dogs. If your pup happened to eat any of these food trimmings, they would not be a happy little elf. Skip hazardous edible food decorations for the sake of your dog - there are many other ways to show your Christmas spirit!

Light Choices

While Christmas lights can be dangerous to dogs (they can easily chew on the strands), many Christmas lovers just have to have their lights. Opt for lower voltage lights so if your pup tries to chew a wire, there will not be as much electricity running through. Turn your celebratory lights on only when you are in the vicinity to supervise.

Doggy Safe Embellishments

Your Christmas tree is up and you want to deck the halls. However, those colorful glass ornament balls look a lot like shiny tennis balls. Play it safe and leave them off the tree! Make a few homemade dog treat ornaments and hang them on the tree low enough for your pup to be able to access. Under your watch, of course!