Holiday Party Ideas with Dogs


Everyone loves a good holiday party; however, hosting a Christmas gathering can be a challenge when you have a pup to care for. These party ideas are perfect for someone who loves to host parties but also wants to involve their dog in the festivities. Your shindig should be fun for you and also stress-free for your dog. They are your number one invitee after all! One thing is for sure, you don't need to cancel your fete on behalf of your dog, just have the party revolve around your dog instead!

Rawhide Candy Canes

Party favors are a must, especially during the holidays. You want your guests to leave the event with a little something to remember you by. Red and white striped rawhide is the perfect thing. Of course, you can give real candy canes, too! Whether you hand out rawhide candy canes for everyone with pets at home or real candy canes, your guests will love them.

Dog Helpers

If your Christmas party involves opening gifts, as many do, let your dog help! Dogs can be quite good at helping tear open wrapping paper and it is also a fantastically hilarious thing to watch. Be sure not to let your dog eat the paper, just rip it off and then start in on the next gift.

Dog Party

Rather than have a party and invite just human guests, ask all those humans to bring their dogs as well. You will get to have a fun holiday affair and your pup will also get to have their own festive fun with their dog friends. Make sure all the dogs get along and have some nice Christmas themed dog treats on hand.
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Photo Shoot

Plan a photo shoot for your party that involves lots of props and your dog. Have your guests take funny photos with Santa hats next to your dog wearing reindeer antlers. Put an elf outfit on your pup and have your guests be Santa in the workshop. Come up with funny scenes and snap that camera!

Dog Cookies

When you start baking holiday cookies, cakes and pies for your guests, don't forget to bake something special for your dog. Homemade dog treats are a perfect way to make your pup part of the festivities. Just be sure to make the dog treats bone shaped, so your guests know they aren't human cookies!

Treat Basket

Before your party begins, place a basket full of your pup's favorite treats at the door. When your guests come in, they can immediately grab a treat and give it to your dog. Your dog will be excited to see any new people walking in the door and automatically be excited about the party. It also lets your guests make friends with your dog.