Safety Tips for Cold Weather


When the weather turns cold and you know you have many chilly winter days ahead of you, you may start to wonder how to keep your dog safe in the freezing temperatures. Being concerned about whether your dog's body is warm enough, wondering if their paws are in pain from the frigid ground, and stressing if they are going to get sick when out and about in the weather are all thoughts that may cross your mind. However, there are plenty of precautions you can take to keep your pup safe and happy no matter what cold front comes your way. Cuddle up with your pup in a nice warm blanket and take a look at these cold weather safety tips!

Keep The Fur Coat

If you like to give your dog frequent haircuts, this is something you want to hold off on when the weather turns cold. Your dog's fur is the perfect natural coat to keep them insulated from the chilly temperatures. So let your pup grow a nice winter coat that will rival any high tech winter jacket you may have! Short haircuts can wait until spring.

Warm Towel Rub

If you happen to go out in the snow or freezing rain with your dog, you should dry them off with a nice warm towel immediately upon arriving home. Making sure your dog is dry and warm after a cold wet walk is the best way to prevent them from getting the chills and helps to warm them back up quickly!

Paw Safety

Your dog's paws come in direct contact with the cold ground and this can actually be quite painful for your dog when the weather is especially cold. After each walk, check your dog's paws to make sure they are not chapped or cracked and that they do not have ice balls or salt from the sidewalk and roads stuck in the fur between their pads.
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Make It Quick

While you may typically walk your dog for several miles or spend hours outside, this will change in the cold weather. Keep your walks short and try not to stay outside longer than you are comfortable. If you are too cold, your dog is too! Don't worry though, your dog wants to cut the walk short and go back inside just as much as you do!

Cozy Blankets and Beds

The best way to keep your dog safe when the weather turns cold is to provide them with a nice warm place to rest. No matter how cold it is outside, if your dog is able to warm up inside and get cozy whenever they are feeling chilly, they will be okay! You should probably cuddle up with them too..just for extra warmth!