Tips for Keeping your Dogs out of Christmas Desserts


A beautiful table full of Christmas desserts is what holiday dreams are made of. That is until your dog spots the dessert table and makes a run for that yule log cake - it may be decorated like a stick but it's not for your dog! While you may just want to keep all the desserts for yourself, its also important to remember that many desserts are not safe for dogs to eat. These tips and tricks will help you keep your dog away from that picture perfect dessert table this Christmas season.

Keep It High

If Christmas desserts are placed high up, far out of your dog's reach, then your pup can't get them! Jump as high as they may, your desserts will be safe if you simply put them away from your dog. Decorate a tall table in Christmas fashion and put your festive desserts on tall pedestal stands. Doing so will keep your pup off the naughty list.

Doggy Desserts

Everyone deserves a delicious dessert on Christmas Day, even your dog. Why not make your furry pal their own special doggy dessert? Look for a dog dessert recipe like homemade peanut butter bones, a puppy nut cake or pretty pupsicles that your dog can enjoy over the holidays. When they have their own dessert, your dog will leave your dessert alone!

Play and Play Some More

If you want your dog to stay away from the desserts at Christmas, tire them out with a whole lot of pre-Christmas exercise. Partake in a snowball fight or a game of fetch in the snow. When your dog is completely and happily exhausted, they won't have the energy to beg for a piece of pie, they will be too busy napping by the fireplace!
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Toy Distractions

When it is time for those yummy Christmas desserts, it should also be time for your holidog to open a present from Santa. Give your dog a new toy to play with while you and your family enjoy their Christmas sweets. Your pup will be enthralled with the fun and too busy playing to care about your Christmas cookies!

Pre-Christmas Training

There is no time like a holiday to practice restraint...well, for your dog, that is! Practice having your dog sit by the counter and just wait, learning to be patient to get what they desire. Toss them a treat every now and then to keep them stationary. When those Christmas desserts come out, your dog will sit nicely rather than trying to grab the desserts!