10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas To Do with Your Dog


If you find yourself without a special person this Valentine's Day, why not treat the one soul out there who's absolutely crazy about you? Who are we talking about, you ask? It's none other than your loyal companion, your canine compadre — yes, we mean your dog.

When love is not in the air, you can shower all of your affection on your fur-baby instead. To help you make the best out of your barky date, we've compiled the ten best pooch-person date ideas for you to try out this Valentine's Day. There's sure to be at least one that you and your woofer would love to try out!

Go to the pet shop

This date idea is simple, yet effective. Watch how your doggo's eyes light up as they walk the aisles and smell the scents of your local pet supply store. Let them pick out their own toy or treat to really make the event special — it won't cost much, and the two of you will have lots of fun doing it.

Get treated at a coffee shop

Many cafes offer outdoor seating, and lots of these patios are totally pup-friendly! For the cutest little doggy date, head straight to your favorite dog-friendly coffee shop and prepare to relax and enjoy something yummy with your pooch. Who knows? The shop may even have a small surprise for your furry pal! Puppuccinos, anyone?

Take a "doga" class

Communities all over are embracing "doga", a combination of dogs and yoga. These classes let you stretch out with your favorite fur-kid and make for an enlightened canine date. Check out if any Valentine's Day classes are offered at your local "doga" joint and prepare to have a limber day of love!
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Go for a hike

It's true, you can go for a hike any time with your pupper. But come Valentine's Day, why not plan a cute picnic to enjoy out in the woods with your four-legged buddy? As long as they have a bone or some dog treats, they'll be overjoyed to spend some outdoor time with their favorite person.

Binge watch a show

When the weather outside is frightful, Valentine's Day dates can get a little tricky. Thankfully, when your dog is your date, you can camp out on the couch in a sea of blankets and watch your favorite TV shows all night long. We're sure your pupper will cuddle close to keep you warm.

Watch the sunset

There's no need to miss out on the beauty of nature just because your valentine has four paws! Head out to the best local vantage point of the setting sun and take in all of the beautiful colors. If you live in a colder state, either bundle up well or watch from inside of your heated car — with snacks, of course!

Head to the beach

Do you happen to live near a dog beach? If you do, a day or evening at the beach with your favorite four-legger can be oodles of fun. Your pooch can bound away in the sand and make friends while you soak up the sun — and who knows? Maybe you'll make a friend too!

Explore somewhere new

Hop in the car with your cute fur-ball and head to a nearby town or city. The two of you can meander down new streets and take in new sights. We're sure that both you and your pooch will enjoy the change in scenery!

Find a drive-in

Any kind of outdoor movie setting is excellent for doggo dates. And thankfully, you'll find a lot of these set up on Valentine's Day. Find one that's playing a movie you'd like to see, grab something yummy to eat (for both you and your woofer), and enjoy the show!

Dog-friendly dinner

While not every restaurant is cool enough to allow canine patrons, there are some that love pooches as much as we do. Seating will usually be outdoors, but many eateries will be more than happy to bring out a bowl of water for your barky buddy — and some even offer specific treats for doggos!