8 Gift Ideas to Give to Your Dog on Valentine's Day


While most of the ads floating around out there in cyberspace push you to dote on your human love this Valentine's Day, we say you should shower your furry sweetheart with some puppy love, too! You know they'll be thrilled just by the sight of you, and don't they deserve a little treat after dishing out unending affection to you every single day?

Another awesome aspect of spoiling your pupper this Valentine's Day is that they won't see it coming — which means that they also won't have any unrealistic gift expectations. No matter which way you look at it, buying cool stuff for your barky buddy is pretty much the best, so come with us as we break down 8 of the best gifts you can give your dog on the day of love.

A new bed

Whether you choose a doggy bed that looks like a mini couch, a funky tent, or just the tried and true rectangle, we have a feeling your four-legged pal will be over the moon curling up on it. Though, who are we kidding? The two of you will spend the whole night cuddled on your bed, anyway!

A chew toy

Maybe it's not the most unique doggo gift out there, but the fact is, you'll be hard-pressed to give your pooch something they'll enjoy more than a new toy that's made just for them to chew on! The options for chew toys are endless, though we recommend finding one that's made of durable material and presents low choking risk.

Fancy dog biscuits

Okay, realistically, we know your fancy fur-babe doesn't actually care what their goodies look like, but how fun is it to give them pretty little heart biscuits with pooch-friendly icing? Plus, the pics you'll get of your canine compadre polishing them off? Priceless!
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A dog sweater

Disclaimer: this gift may be better suited for puppers with shorter coats, though some fluffy woofers enjoy being bundled, as well. The options for doggy clothing are pretty much never-ending, so you're sure to find one that your dog will love! We suggest nabbing one with a heart on it to commemorate the occasion.

A puzzle toy

If you happen to have a brainy canine, nothing will provide them with more hours of fun than a brand new puzzle toy! These toys exercise your doggo's mind, giving them the challenge they so badly want. The reward once the puzzle is complete? They get a tasty treat, of course!

A monthly box subscription

In a world where you can belong to pretty much any kind of "club of the month" service, a plethora of pooch-themed subscriptions have popped up. Of these, you can find all sorts of monthly boxes that cater to chewers, mini pups, or very large doggos. It'll make going to your mailbox a fun outing in itself!

A fuzzy blanket

If you're tired of your pooch commandeering your favorite throw (and leaving all kinds of hair and goobers on it), you may want to bring home a designated doggy blanket. Most woofers absolutely love curling up on a soft blanket, and they'll be thrilled when they realize this one is theirs to keep.

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