How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Dog


Love is in the air, flowers and chocolates are flying off store shelves, and you want nothing more than to spend this special day with the one closest to your heart -- your dog, of course! Whether you’re happily (or unhappily) single, have a hot date, or are celebrating a long-term relationship, we know that you want to include Fido in your Valentine’s Day plans. After all, they love you unconditionally!

Luckily, there are plenty of things for you and your four-legged valentine to do together. We’ve put together a list of 6 things you can do to show your buddy that you’ll love them fur-ever.

Dine at a doggo-friendly restaurant

There’s no need to leave your doggo at home on your dinner date! More and more restaurants are welcoming wagging tails with open arms. Keep in mind, though, that most restaurants cater to canines outside, and it’s February, after all. If you’re not lucky enough to find one that allows pups indoors, you might want to make sure that your choice has a heated patio.

Take a long walk

Romance can be as easy as a walk in the park, and a stroll with your sweetie through your favorite green space is a furrifically Fido-friendly date idea. Find the prettiest spot in your area and you three can walk hand-in-hand and hand-on-leash. If you’re staying solo, getting out into nature can be a great way to get some distance from all those disgustingly happy couples.

Pack a picnic

This will depend on the weather where you live, but picnics can make for a grrr-eat budget-friendly date -- and you can bring your buddy, too! Pack up some sandwiches and your pooch, and you and your paramour can chill and take in the peaceful scenery. Or heck, get a pizza to-go, or bring some luxuries. Picnics can be whatever you want them to be.
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Pamper yourselves

A spa day or some at-home self-care is a great way to remind yourself of the most important person in your life -- you (and your pooch, of course)! And while you’re giving yourself a facial or manicure, you can make sure your doggo is included. If your pupper balks at the very mention of a bath, you can still give them a nice massage.

Pick up a sweet treat

After Halloween, Valentine’s Day is the number one candy holiday. Whether you’re paired up or staying solo, you have the perfect excuse to indulge a little! And while you’re at it, why not pick out something for your four-pawed pal? Dog bakeries are spreading across the country, but if you can’t find one, there’s no shame in picking up something special from the supermarket shelf.

Visit the dog park

Even if you don’t have a date, that doesn’t mean that your pup can’t have one! A trip to the dog park is a pawesome way to get you both out and about. Arrange a puppy playdate with a friend, or just head down and see who’s around for your dog to make friends with. Who knows -- you might even end up meeting someone yourself!