Cherry Creek State Park

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Park Rule: Off Leash
Restroom: Yes
Park Size: Large
Small Dog Area: No
Fee: None
Services: Dog Walking

Your dog, regardless of size, breed, gender, or training, is a wolf at heart. That's right- your goofy jogging buddy who brings you the newspaper and almost literally turns herself inside out for whatever you stuff into her Kong toy, is a wolf. Well, that is to say, there is something deep inside her spirit and soul that hears the call of the wild. 

It may be hard to believe the sweet little Pug snoring next to you on the couch is actually closer to a cunning hunter than to the stuffed animal she resembles, but there it is. She wants to feel the open ground under her feet and feel the wild grass on her belly and sniff all the butts she can find. 

Your dog wants, no, she needs, to be out in nature. At least, a little bit. Nobody thinks your Poodle is going to take down a deer. But she needs to indulge her inner wild side. And that's where you come in. One of the best treats we can give our dogs is the chance to get away from human civilization, at least a little bit. Short of flying your dog to Alaska, your best bet is a really good dog park. And Cherry Creek is a very good dog park.

Cherry Creek Off-Leash Area is a dog park that is about as close to heaven as your best friend will get this side of the Rainbow Bridge. It's 107 acres of fenced-in wilderness, a small part of the Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado. And it has everything a dog needs to satisfy her inner wolf. There is open prairie, there are groves of trees, there are hills and gulches, and, of course, a lovely creek.

Cherry Creek is a broad, slow, sandy creek that runs through the dog park. There is a small dam that was erected to make a swimming hole for dogs, but for the most part, and most of the year, the creek runs shallow. In the summer, the creek may be a trickle, and it largely freezes over in the winter. But that probably won't stop your dog from having a good time.

Cherry Creek Dog Park is a little slice of the wilderness in suburban Denver. There are a few benches, but no water fountains and no lighting. There are also only a few poop bags and trash cans found at or near the opening. So, plan accordingly. 

4201 S. Parker
Aurora, CO 80015
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4201 S. Parker
Aurora, CO 80015