Top Dog Parks in Denver, CO

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Denver's pups are like dogs everywhere: they love to get outside. Going for leashed walks is pawrrific, but running free and playing with other dogs is the best! Denver has over 10 leash-free dog parks within city limits, so get ready for a pup party! Keep in mind that there's a standard long list of do's and dont's for pupgrounds, such as no dogs in heat, no human food, and proof of rabies vaccination. These rules are very impawtant and following them ensures Denver's off-leash parks will stay open! Be aware that Denver doesn't allow pit bulls in their dog parks. Here are the top parks your pup will love!

#1 Downtown Dog Park at Lincoln Park

This is a pawsitively furbulous off-leash park where your furbaby can meet new and old friends and burn off excess energy! Small puppers even have their own section! Both are surfaced with grass, which makes for a grrreat rolling surface and is easy on pooches' footpads. While the puppers frolic, their human parents can make themselves comfurtable on one of the benches scattered throughout the park, where they can get socialized too! Waste bags are provided.

#2 Lowry Dog Park

On a huge, open piece of land near Lowry Air Force Base, you'll find Lowry Dog Park. While mostly flat, there are some enticing low hills for running up and down. The scenery is calm and peaceful under the biggest sky you'll ever see! Sandy and mostly treeless, a gazebo gives 2-legged family members a place to sit while pups play. Equipped with separate sections for high- and low-energy puppers, this is a pawsome playground!

#3 Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park

Enclosed in a public park of the same name, Green Valley Ranch's pup park is pawsome! Sepawrate spaces for large and small dogs and the secure wire fence makes the little puppers and their humans feel safe., The layer of sand covering the dirt surface is usually comfy on paws, but your pup's tootsies can get burnt or frostbitten in extreme temperatures, so booties or a pad balm are a good idea.
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#4 Barnum Dog Park

This newest Denver dog park is housed inside the dog-friendly Barnum Park. After romping untethered with other doggos, you may find a leashed walk in Barnum Park more pleasant and mellow. While this is not a pawticularly large playground, there's plenty of room for games of fetch and general racing around! Hole-digging is another pawpular pastime here, so be ready to fill in the craters before you leave!

#5 Stapleton Greenway Dog Park

This is the pawrfect place to take your fur-buddy to let loose and frolic. It's equipped with small shelters and benches, and seasonal water for thirsty puppers. It's wise to take your own water, just in case. Waste bags are provided. Some mature trees outside the fence provide a little shade, too. The surface is composed of several inches of sand. Small dogs and humans with shoes may have trouble navigating it, but don't let that discourage you!

#6 Fuller Dog Park

Fuller Dog Park is a medium-sized area within Fuller Park set aside for off-leash pup play. The dog park is fenced and covers about an acre of mostly sand surface dotted with tufts of grass. Canine frolicking kicks up sand dust, so you may want to bring a towel to avoid taking it all home on Fido. While a water jug exchange scheme is in place to ensure there's enough water , be sure to bring plenty.

#7 Kennedy Dog Park

This large dog run is pawticularly furbulous for energetic dogs who like wide open spaces to roughhouse and tear around. Timid, low-energy pups have their own section where they'll feel safe. There are large trees providing shade, and boulders that can be used for climbing and sitting. There are a few benches and a shelter too. The dirt surface makes it unlikely you'll overlook your dog's waste, so no excuses: bring clean up bags and use them!

#8 Berkeley Lake Dog Park

In a corner of Berkeley Lake Park sits one of Fido's furvorite play spots. From sunrise to sunset, folks bring their puppers here to have fun and the puppers love it!  A furtractive black iron fence stretches around the park's 2 acres, with a few shade trees and patches of grass within. A water fountain refreshes, but bring a bowl. A flat and easy surface for running and rolling, or fetching toys, Berkeley Lake is furrific!

#9 Railyard Dog Park

Aptly located on Bassett Street, this 1-acre park is grrreat for doggy play. High and low energy pups have their own designated spaces. The sand underpaw is furbulous for cavorting and makes Fido's waste obvious so it can get cleaned up promptly. Benches and shade trees make life more comfortable, and there's a water fountain that may or may not work when you're there. Be sure to bring your own!

#10 Jason Street Dog Park

Created out of a vacant lot behind the animal control building, this play yard offers no amenities, just a fenced area where pups can run and play with other doggos without a leash! For the humans who live close by, being able to watch their dogs happily cavorting in a safe place is all they require. Some folks may grumble about the lack of lush grass and waste bags, but the pooches will love this park!