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Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with our community of certified dog walkers and dog sitters in Brentwood, Los Angeles you can hire for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding services whenever you need them. Book with confidence knowing your pup is guaranteed to be in the care of a loving, experienced pet care professional. All dog walking and dog sitting services on Wag! are fully insured, bonded and come with fur-tastic customer support.

Book a scheduled, recurring, or an on-demand dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting service from a certified Wag! pet care professional directly from your phone, or desktop!

Book a walk on Wag!, and for every dog walked, Wag! will make a donation to feed a shelter dog.

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Wag! Has Certified Dog Walkers & Dog Sitters Like These Living Right Here in Brentwood, Los Angeles

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Hi folks, my name is Jordan and I want to walk your dog! I grew up in LA with lots of dogs and cats. I started a dog walking organization in London, and I worked for Wag! in San Francisco for awhile and fell in love with working here. I'm an aspiring comedian and restaurant manager, but nothing can keep me away from spending time with dogs! I hope to see yours soon.
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I'm a lifelong animal lover. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I moved to Los Angeles in 2002 after graduating from the University of Puerto Rico. I worked as an early child development teacher at Gymboree Play and Music in Sherman Oaks for nine years and as a professional dog walker for the last three years. I'm a proud doggie parent of a beautiful Shih tzu, Giggalah, a lovable Min Pin Dotson mix named Buffy and an adorable Pit-bull named Muneca. This is a job I love and take great pride in. During my off hours I enjoy working as a freelance writer and VFX Editor. I'm a long time geek, enjoy anything SciFi, read way too much for my own good and continue to practice martial arts.
Play Wag Video 3 Los Angeles, Brentwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 3
I know how much attention dogs need and I'm happy to give it! I myself have 3 dogs and have been a dog owner all my life. I am comfortable with all dogs and all energy types. I will give your pup all the love, attention, and exercise they deserve. I am reliable, experienced, and absolutely love my four legged friends. While at work, or out and about, you'll have the peace of mind that your dog is getting the nurturing care and exercise they deserve from a dog walker you can trust.
Play Wag Video 4 Los Angeles, Brentwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 4
Hello! My name is Jessica and I live in North Hollywood! I was raised with two dogs, one who was from a pet store, the other a rescue. I absolutely loved being with dogs everyday, but now that I don't live with them, I really miss it. I was the go-to petsitter and dog walker for my friends and family for almost six years and I really hope that I can meet your dogs and go on amazing walks with them!
Play Wag Video 5 Los Angeles, Brentwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 5
Hi! MY name is Josiah. I am 24 years old and I live in Van Nuys, California. I have always loved dogs, and have grown up in a family of dog lovers. I've had numerous experiences in dog and house sitting, as well as walking dogs for various friends and neighbors. These precious animals are an extension of you, and I cannot wait to treat them with the same love and respect you've shown. I look forward meeting your family.
Play Wag Video 6 Los Angeles, Brentwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 6
Hello there! I'm Aj and I'm a rosy-cheeked lover of life and dogs. I've been walking and sitting pups professionally for two years and am so happy to be expanding my experience with you. I can't wait to meet you and your family and make wonderful memories with your furry friends!
Play Wag Video 7 Los Angeles, Brentwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 7
I was born and raised with dogs, so naturally I love dogs. I have experiences with dogs that range from small poodles to Great Danes. I am a Professional Dog Walker by trade who wants to help dogs lead an active and healthy life
Play Wag Video 8 Los Angeles, Brentwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 8
I have worked with dogs at animal shelters, training them to become more adoptable. I enjoy exercise and any adventure in the great outdoors. I am currently living in the southbay and would love to meet your best friend. I'm comfortable with dogs of all sizes and breeds, can't wait to go on walks!
Play Wag Video 9 Los Angeles, Brentwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 9
I was raised in a farm in the Andes Mountains of central Chile, where every day was a new adventure with my animal friends. I would spent as much time as I could outside with them, especially training my rescue Border Collie, Sunny. When I left for college to pursue a career in Film and Television in Savannah, GA, I wasn't ready to leave my furry friends behind, and so I quickly adopted a fluffy orange tabby called Nicholai to keep me company. After hearing that Sunny had passed away, I took on petsitting jobs whenever possible to relieve stress and give back some love. Now that I work as a freelance filmmaker out in LA, I want to dedicate my spare time to the Wag community. I already spend lots of my spare time caring for my cat and my boyfriend's Pitbull, so it makes sense to want to spread the love to others who could use my help. I trust that I can bring a happy wag to your loved pup!

Wag! Brentwood, Los Angeles Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Give You the Flexibility to Live On The Go!

Finding a dog walker, or dog sitter in Brentwood, Los Angeles can be hard, especially at times you need them most, like when you're at work, stuck in traffic, or want to take a much deserved last minute vacation. Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with reliable and trustworthy dog lovers with pet care experience living in your local community you can hire on-demand for dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting. Wag! is like having a dog loving neighbor in Brentwood, Los Angeles at your beck and call to look after your dog whenever you need!

Dog owners regularly using Wag! dog walkers and dog sitters in Brentwood, Los Angeles have left over11382 reviews, giving our certfied pet care professionals an impressive average customer rating of 4.96/5 stars!

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